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Tips to make your application process that much easier...


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Tips to make your application process that much easier...(Current to 01 Apr 09)

Each file is unique in it's own way, and has different hurdles to pass to get to the end goal. One thing we ask is please do not call in to query your file status often, but try every two weeks. At any given time 40 to 50 people are trying to get a hold of us, which doesn't let us focus on the work of actually processing your file.

**ADDED** Please keep your telephone numbers, home address and e-mail address current with CFRC**

***Disclaimer: The following information is geared more to those who have files already in processing, but will touch on most of the general aspects with regards to your application process. The information contained within is of an UNCLAS nature, and contains no protected information.***

This guide is based off someone applying for Non-Commissioned Member / UNSKILLED.

The following 5 steps are the most crucial in developing your file and starting off the processing section.

1) Employment application submission (either mail-in or electronic recruiting)

2) Submission of core documents

3) Booking and writing of Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT)    Processing conditional on: Passing MOC/MOSID cut-off for selected trades

4) Completion of TBS/SCT 330-23E Security Screening Consent and Authorization Form
    Common Pitfall: Your file manager (File Manager) will need all your addresses from the last 5 years  with NO GAPS. Even if you were in another country, that still counts. If you run out of room, attach a separate piece of paper with the required information.
    Common Pitfall:  Each section has specific information to be inputted and if that information    is NOT there, that means the File Manager has 1) to call you to get the required information or 2) send you the form back via snail-mail, or e-mail to have it completed properly.

5) Completion of the BackCheck(tm) forms
    Common Pitfall:  Not signing the consent section on the bottom of each form. Without this signature we are unable to contact your references which makes the information on this sheet null and void.

After these steps are completed, you are at the medical and interview stage. Here is mainly where files get held up or delayed due to various reasons.

Pre-Assessment Inquiries
When you go into your CFAT, you will find out if you are required to undergo a Pre-Assessment Inquiry or not. If not, nothing changes. If so, please adhere to the following:

1) Fill out and submit the TBS/SCT 330-60E Security Screening Form
    Common Pitfall: Not including enough information
* Please note, this is a very lengthy form and contains a lot of information. Please read CAREFULLY the instruction sheet that comes attached and try as much as possible to fill in the entire form. If it is not filled out entirely, your File Manager will contact you or send the form back to be completed.
    Main things to include
        - Immediate relative's: location, jobs country, date of death (if applicable)
        - Residences for the LAST 10 YEARS (including out of Canada) with street number, street name, city name, state/province/county, country and postal code.

2) Criminal and Credit checks from foreign countries.
* On a case-to-case basis, and ONLY if your File Manager/Military Career Counsellor asks of this.

HITS on ERC (Criminal and Credit)
When your Criminal Name Record Check and Credit Check come back, there could be issues that need to be resolved before your application can be processed further. Either your File Manager or Military Career Counsellor will be in touch to request the paperwork to substantiate the findings.

A) Criminal convictions, notices, probation etc.
    1) Submission of Fingerprints
        Make sure you submit two (2) copies of fingerprints obtained from your local RCMP/municipal police office.
            Common Pitfall:  Submitting 1 copy vice 2.
                                      Lengthy return time on report.
Depending on the nature of the conviction or notice we may require additional information. Again on a case-by-case basis

    B) Credit notices
        1) Submission of proof of payment or structured payment plan
        2) Substantiation (in writing) why you incurred these debts and from what/when.

If you've come this way so far you're looking pretty good. Just need your medical and interview. I won't touch too much on this as medical and interviews are outside the processing area of responsibility due to their sensitive nature.

If you are required to obtain more medical information, please obtain it within a decent time line and send back to the medical staff at your CFRC. The best way of sending this information is via FAX.

This is a job interview, and as such please treat it like so. Come dressed appropriately and prepared to answer questions regarding your application choices. If you have questions regarding what you're going to do, talk to the recruiters first and have them answer any questions before you go into your interview.
If your Military Career Counsellor asks you for some additional paperwork, please obtain it within a decent time line and send back to your Military Career Counsellor at your CFRC. The best way of sending this information is through FAX or E-MAIL.

After your medical file is done and approved by the RMO, and your interviewer found you suitable for the trade(s) you've chosen, and there is nothing else pending, your File Manager will do a file review to check over each requirement and then Merit Lists you.

**Note** Once you are merit-listed, that is the end of your involvement with the file until you are called with a job offer.

I won't get into the offer selection, because it's much more exciting to go through on your own.

Good luck to all those who are applying or in the system. Remember the wait is well worth it![/]
Oh, and another thing I wanted to add was...
The recruiter told me that the call should be 1-2 weeks, at the end of week two I went into the recruiting office and they pulled up my file and said all of my back check stuff had been done and they weren't sure why they didn't call. So he forwarded me to the people in the back and I got booked right there for my CFAT, medical and interview. I don't really know if going in there gets it done a bit faster then waiting for a call (Shows initiative? ???) or if it aggravates them.
Good post jmlz87!

boboyer: initiative is good - checking regularly, not obsessively works wonders.

I realize each file is different, but I am compelled to ask:

I applied April 14, and changed MOC choices April 20 (From MARS (officer) to NESOp (NCM)). I submitted all documents and had them confirmed by the CFRC. I called them a week later and was told I needed to submit fingerprints, which I did that day. I called once again at the start of May, and they said expect a call during the week of May 11. No calls. Does it usually take 4 weeks without even been contacted for a CFAT to get things processed? I'm worried about not making the NESOp cutoff and getting boned for joining this year as there are only 45 openings :crybaby:

If you are req to submit fingerprints, (x2 copies) those are not handled locally by the CFRC. Instead, they are sent out to Ottawa for analysis and have a lenghtly turn around time.

Your CNRC hits can only be verified by actual fingerprint analysis to prove it was you who is responsible for those hits, and not anyone else.

Keep trying your CFRC every month or so for updates.
Interestingly enough... as soon as I make a post one something, it happens o_O I just got off the phone with the CFRC, and I'm doing CFAT and Interview on Thursday :D  :salute: :cdn: :cdn:
LordVagabond said:
Interestingly enough... as soon as I make a post one something, it happens o_O I just got off the phone with the CFRC, and I'm doing CFAT and Interview on Thursday :D  :salute: :cdn: :cdn:

That's awesome!
Goodluck  :)