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Transition to Municipal Police Force

Speaking of which, my buddy just attended a domestic in Surrey, where everyone was yelling at everyone and then the pet bird settled onto his shoulder and started snuggling him. At which point, everyone started laughing and that helped calm the situation. So based on that, we are going to issue everyone with a talking parrot for domestic calls.
I am all for parrots especially the Norwegian Blue. Lovely plumage but it does like restin a lot...

monty pythons flying circus GIF
I know all sorts of Toronto police and fire who have patched over to other services.

To add, Toronto Police Recruiting FAQ:

I have presently accumulated 10 years of service with my current agency. Is this seniority transferrable?

Lateral Entry applicants are considered new hires. There is no consideration given to previous service with other police agencies.

Can't be easy with ten years seniority elsewhere being a probie in Toronto.

Regarding Toronto firefighters,

I found it interesting that fire fighters with many years experience with a full-time fire department elsewhere were willing to leave to pursue there ( sic ) “dreams” as they put it and work for Toronto Fire. It made me feel a little bit special that I have been a part of an organization that others envy and want to be a part of as well.

Frank Ramagnano Secretary - Treasurer,Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association I.A.F.F. Local 3888