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Trying to find a warrant officer from 1980,london ont (RCR)

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This is a bit of a sensitive subject and i have tried all avenues i could think of. I hope i may be in the right place to get help. My Bio father was in the RCR in 1980... had some issues... one thing led to another and he impregnated his warrant officer's wife. The day she had their child she let him meet him once and said he wouldnt know any other father than her husband. Then my bio father was discharged so there was zero contact. My bio father has been embarrassed his whole life about it and refuses to give me the last name. I would love with all of me to get to know my half brother. (i dont want to damage his mental state if he never knew his father wasnt his bio, this is not what i am trying to do, i just think about him almost everyday) what is he like, what does he look like, is there anything we have in common. So if anyone does know the name of the warrant officer that was stationed in London ,ontario for the rcr in 1980 you would make my dream that much more closer to becoming real. if this isnt a place to post please delete. i am just at a loss where else to look. thank you for your time
Call me Nostrodamus, but I'm locking this so there's no train wreck. If you have information please PM the author.

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