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WTS '64 Pattern Cadpat TW ruck (Complete)


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I have a jump ruck in pretty good condition. Barely use it anymore. It has:
-cadpat 5 external pocket bag (rubberized cordura). The inside is in great condition but the bottom of the bag is a little worn. Bought it off of a rigger from Pet, I believe, on ebay.
-padded Cadpat hip belt, Cadpat back piece and cadpat shoulder straps.
-x2 long A7A straps
-one standard 84 pattern valise
-and lastly a jump ruck frame in great condition with paint on it still, not cracked or broken, never actually jumped with haha.

All the clips and buckles are intact and working fine. Can email pictures if you're interested. PM me. I live in Wainwright, I'd prefer a local sale or something in Edmonton, I don't know what shipping would cost but it's up to you.

$200 obo plus shipping.
I found one local. 64 pattern, frame, and straps. $80 all together.Thanks anyways.