Author Topic: China and Ukraine agree to restart AN-225 airlifter production  (Read 2320 times)

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To the mods, please keep this separate from the China superthread.

Chinese money reviving another Soviet -era giant:

IHS Jane's 360 - 31 August 2016
The agreement signed between the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and Antonov on 30 August gives China access to the aircraft's designs and technologies for the purposes of domestic production, according to China's STCN news organisation and the Ukrainian Business Channel (UBR).


According to the reports, China now plans to fly the first of an unspecified number of An-225s in 2019.

Having demonstrated a world-record payload of 253.82 tonnes, the six-engined An-225 is the largest transport aircraft ever to have flown. The manufacturer has now agreed to restart production in China, according to media reports. Source: Antonov
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Re: China and Ukraine agree to restart AN-225 airlifter production
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The question I have seen on other forums is how successfully will the engines be? Seem this is one area where China still stumbles.