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Survival apps
« on: February 18, 2017, 18:21:54 »
Couple SHTF/survival/zombie apps (android) I've picked up (and deleted, and reinstalled, and deleted).  Some are free some are are paid.'s very own Battle Procedure Aide Memoire
Really intuitive and fun to play around with. Zombie invasion is no time to forget about proper battle procedure.

Range Card pro.
Used this at work as well as at home/hunting cabin just for fun.

Couple survival guides - US army - knots

Flash light

Gunsafe pro
This is a pay version but there's also a free version. Pretty cool app that lets you keep track of your firearms and pertinent information (serial numbers, date purchased). Also keeps track of your ammo, round count of each firearm and trips to the range/ range reports.  Doesn't ask for any permissions which is nice.

Strelok Pro
Ballistic calculator.  Free version and 2 levels of pay versions. I found the calculations bang on when I compared them to doing it by hand.

Couple survival games - Survive - Wilderness survival - I Ain't Leaving My Bunker [ haven\t played this yet but a couple friends give it high praise] - Day R survival

Prepping - Prepper Inventory - Bug Out Bag survival guide

Open Signal
Find wifi spots and cell phone towers. Also coverage areas.

Anyone have anymore interesting ones?
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