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Re: Former U.S. military service
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In response to paulc87, I've not seen previous allied/US military service hinder enrollment.  My experience is from the other side of the coin - as a recruiter and a Reserve Unit leader. Also, my experience is somewhat dated, but having followed the conversations on this site, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

One of the big hurdles is Canadian citizenship.  I had a Brit trying to join, and at that time, the citizenship requirement was the first Go/No Go test.  Since he did not have Citizenship, we could not get him into the system.  As soon as he received his citizenship, the system kicked in.

Another hurdle is the criminal record check, and the background check for the time you were (out of the country - Edit out) not living in Canada.  The rules have changed over the years, but it still takes time for the checks to take place.  You may have to initiate some yourself.

Another hurdle is having your previous service reviewed.  The unit will need copy of course reports and/ or qualification records.  These will be submitted to the review authorities, usually Subject Matter Experts at Army/Navy/Airforce HQ, who will evaluate the qualifications, and experience, and provide an equivalency.  This is a process that has seen a number of revisions over the years.  Sometimes this process can be done while the recruiting screening process is on-going, and at other times the authorities refuse to consider the matter until after enrollment.

I've seen this process happen quickly - an allied CF-18 pilot on an exchange posting to a Canadian CF-18 squadron who wanted to join the RCAF.  Normally it takes some time, as the HQ authorities make contact with someone who can provide current information on the equivalent Canadian qualifications of the foreign military experience and qualifications under review.

I've seen a former US Marine join a reserve unit - he had to provide info that he was not liable for further US Marine Reserve service, but this was done quickly from the US side, and his processing was as quick (or as slow) as the other applicants applying at the same time.  In his case, the review of qualifications and experience was completed after enrollment, and was done quickly.

Hope this helps.


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