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JPSU Halifax sent this message out to members facing a medical release,
on or after the new PFL April 1, 2019.

It may be worth attending to decide if you want to release early for certain benefits,
based on your personal circumstances.

On 01 April 2019 it is anticipated, due to impending policy changes, that some members medically releasing may not be eligible for the Veterans’ Affairs Canada (VAC) Rehabilitation Program and the Earnings Loss Wage Benefit.

As a result, IPSC Halifax felt it important to invite you to hear directly from a VAC Case Manager on how this change may affect those of you that received a Decision stating a 3b release date on or after 01 Apr 19.

IPSC Halifax invites you, and your supporting partner, to attend a short briefing / Q&A at IPSC Halifax on Wed, 31 Oct 18 1000-1100 hrs.
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