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Re: "Irregular" / extended working hours
« Reply #50 on: July 18, 2019, 17:53:13 »
So if you work an extra eight hours one day, don't come in the next day, and get half a day short at some following time.  So rather than a normal 1:1, there is a 1.5 times off to compensate for OT.

Never really works out like that and normally if you can even get anything back it's pretty good at a busy unit.

The civvie option of compressed time actually just has them stacking their working hours into a slightly longer day. For example, they will work the two weeks worth of 80 hours in 9 business days vice 10. That tenth day isn't actually a day of leave, just means they've hit their quota and have a long weekend.  But if they were to work and extra 8 hours of additional time one week, they could take it as either 8 hours of OT pay, or 12 hours time in lieu of leave.  Because they can put in for time off in something like 1 hour increments (maybe less?) it makes it a but easier to track and figure out, where as we have half days of short and full days of annual.

Ah ok. Fair point.

I doubt that CAF member are willing to give up the percentages given in the military factor of our pay.  Or are we suggesting they get overtime time in lieu and the compensation that’s is built in?

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Re: "Irregular" / extended working hours
« Reply #51 on: July 18, 2019, 18:28:28 »
I'm okay with how we have it now.  Outside of deployments, most units should be able to manage peoples schedules for the most part to not intentionally drive them into excessive hours.  There will always be surges when everyone is working extra to prepare for things, or when something hits the fan.  Most good commands let their people manage it so that they can also give subordinates extra time off if there is some slow time to compensate.  Personally I think I could probably get the max # of short days for the remainder of my career and never even put a dent in the extra hours, but part of the job.  The extra % included is probably far less than what it would actually be if it was tracked.  Generally I find people don't mind working the extra hours if there is a good reason and they know ahead of time (if possible), but people get really pissed off when they spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for something and end up having to work late as a result. It's not always possible, but whenever we were able to always tried to let people come in late/leave early to make up for it.

It would be interesting though if they did start tracking extra hours for CAF and had to pay it out if it would encourage DND to relook at how they plan things.  Civilian OT is considered, and have seen them leave a ship out at sea overnight not to have to pay a few people 4 hours of OT for the tug.  Fuel costs are a different line item, but maybe if there was a CAF OT line item they may start considering our time valuable.

Kind of getting off topic from the original question though; think the OP was asking about a weird split shift situation.  Have done those before, and normally there is a minimum time you are paid for showing up (4 hours), so have done 8 hours work over 12.  We got an allowance for a dinner and paid at a higher rate, but haven't ever intentionally done that to anyone in the CAF (where they go home; short shifts like that are normal in some watch rotations, but your time in between is your own).

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Re: "Irregular" / extended working hours
« Reply #52 on: July 19, 2019, 13:05:04 »
can we backdate the tracked hours and get compensated?  We tracked actual hours at one unit and my work weeks were generally 80 to 100 hours.  Longest consecutive period was 13 weeks straight with no days off.  Wife was at the point she wanted to Negan the CO because she and the kids hardly saw me in the morning as I left to go back to work.   For a static office job that is beyond ridiculous.  Note that it wasn't because there was an over abundance of work to be done, a good share of the time was doing nothing.  It was a just because situation in which the work could have been done in a 40-50 hour week.  Am sure enough here have worked the reserve unit and heard the "you have to be in just because some of the troops are coming in to do XXX" or "its an exercise weekend and although you are not part of the exercise you have to work in the office just because".  My favourite though was "class A troops go to their regular jobs mon to fri then come in parade nights/exercises and don't get time off, why should the ftuc"   The 2 headed look when you mention telling them they will not get paid for coming in and see how many show up then.  Voluntarily coming in to be paid $300 to $400 for a weekend is not the same as being ordered in just because.

Sorry, originally meant to do a funny but ended up a bit of a rant.
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