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Re: 17 steps of battle procedure
« Reply #50 on: December 15, 2009, 10:51:11 »
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Re: 17 steps of battle procedure
« Reply #51 on: December 15, 2009, 17:32:24 »
I do not expect my Troop Leaders/Platoon Commanders to come to me for a Decision Brief - I am not selecting a COA for them to conduct their tasks from the menu of COAs they have prepared. I give them tasks, they decide how to do them. I might ask for backbriefs where they lay their plan out, but those are not Decision Briefs. A backbrief can be useful when the tasks are complex and interlock. It is also useful time to deconflict the various Troop/Platoon plans. I might have a Troop Leader adjust something during/after a backbrief, but that is not selecting a COA.

Decision Briefs are for commanders who have staffs. I think that we (the Army we) have started to blur the Operational Planning Process used by staffs with the battle procedure executed by low-level tactical commanders who do not have staffs. I would argue that MCpls to Majors execute old-school battle procedure where a lonely commander looks at the map and comes up with a plan that his people execute. They do their own estimate, although they might solicit opinions/advice. A CO of a BG, I would argue, is the first guy who really uses OPP (since he has a staff) and even then he might not use it all the time.

Please note that this is me soapboxing - I do not work at a School teaching planning/battle procedure nor at Doctrine writing it. I just use the stuff.
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