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Re: Canadian diplomat in Cuba affected by mysterious brain injury
« Reply #325 on: November 29, 2018, 05:30:15 »
I'll post some articles on this tomorrow, but the 'sonic weapon' incidents in Cuba have been quite brutal and bizarre indeed.  Hearing loss, brain injuries, the development of scar tissues inside the brain consistent with concussions, the feelings of being concussed.

Even the diplomats, in their respective compounds, had multiple children suffering from 'gushing nose bleeds' all at the same time.

In the US, they've allowed the personnel affected by the incidents to be quite open about it.  Here in Canada, the government has really hushed those involved under the ruse of 'protecting the integrity of the investigation'.  They've even denied the personnel involved to go to the US for specific medical treatments, as saying once they leave the Canadian medical system, they are "no longer covered" - basically leaving them on their own. 

The incidents themselves have been bizarre, and brutal - but brutal in the long term, months after the alleged incidents.  And the way the two countries are handling it really does leave something to be desired, unfortunately, from our end...

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Re: Canadian diplomat in Cuba affected by mysterious brain injury
« Reply #326 on: November 29, 2018, 07:20:05 »
Wow, bizarre.

Canadian diplomat in Cuba affected by mysterious brain injury

For reference to the discussion,

Reply #320 on: August 11, 2017

Canadians in Cuba were also treated for hearing loss, Ottawa says amid U.S. probe of possible attack,2984.msg1499031.html#msg1499031
"Global Affairs Canada has confirmed at least one Canadian diplomat in Cuba has been treated in hospital after suffering headaches and hearing loss."
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Re: All Things Cuba (Castro, politics, etc.)
« Reply #327 on: September 20, 2019, 20:40:05 »
On the mystery illness/sonic attack story, here's the latest theory out of Global Affairs Canada ...
The mysterious ailments experienced by some 40 Canadian and U.S. diplomats and their families while stationed in Cuba may have had nothing to do with sonic "attacks" identified in earlier studies.

According to a new Canadian study*, obtained exclusively by Radio-Canada's investigative TV program Enquête, the cause could instead be neurotoxic agents used in pesticide fumigation.

A number of Canadians and Americans living in Havana fell victim to an unexplained illness starting in late 2016, complaining of concussion-like symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, nausea and difficulty concentrating. Some described hearing a buzzing or high-pitched sounds before falling sick.

In the wake of the health problems experienced over the past three years, Global Affairs Canada commissioned a clinical study by a team of multidisciplinary researchers in Halifax, affiliated with the Brain Repair Centre, Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

"The working hypothesis actually came only after we had most of the results," Dr. Alon Friedman, the study's lead author, said in an interview.

The researchers identified a damaged region of the brain that is responsible for memory, concentration and sleep-and-wake cycle, among other things, and then looked at how this region could come to be injured.

"There are very specific types of toxins that affect these kinds of nervous systems ... and these are insecticides, pesticides, organophosphates — specific neurotoxins," said Friedman. "So that's why we generated the hypothesis that we then went to test in other ways."
* - Study title page & summary (3 pages) attached.
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