Author Topic: Deleted posts (albeit, deserved) and fessing up  (Read 1684 times)

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Deleted posts (albeit, deserved) and fessing up
« on: July 12, 2006, 23:44:22 »
I was brought up by a mod about an insulting comment I made in the favourite rifle thread...  And when I went to post my edit to my reply to  said mod, I found out that the posts were deleted.   I am not complaining, it was the right thing to to.  However, My reply was fessing up to the fact that I did not think it through and insulted someone unintentionally.  Also, I welcomed any penalizing action.  those comments were divided amongst my post and edit, and as I cannot remember exactly what my reply or edit read as; the comments mentioned in this post are very vague, and may not be a true representation of what I said.

My point is:  1.  The mods did the right thing, do a good job, and are very fast.   2.  Another possibility is to keep the posts in the thread (if you can replace what was removed) and use it as a potential example to future offenders.  Possibly pointing to some one who fessed up and welcomed the proper punishment.  This is also a sort of selfish thing on my part as I would not care for  the person I insulted seeing only my inappropriate comment, and not my following post and edit.

I apologize to MG34, whether he saw my unintentionally inappropriate comment or not.  I guess my reason for putting it was a twitchy reaction to question that I was brought up not to ask.

When it comes to an offender fessing up to their wrongs, I suppose I would see it potentially benificial to allow said fessing up, apologise and such to be in kept in the thread, for aside viewing of the future.  I guess I would rather see a person apoligize, fess up, and move on than have it all erased.  It could potentially set a precedent for future incidents.

Again, DS, you do a good job, and I stand by your decision, but there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Have a good day.  Keep up the good work
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