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A family's voice
« on: September 21, 2006, 15:24:57 »
Pulled of the CF in the News link on the DIN

ADM(PA) Transcript - Transcription SMA(AP)
Text in the language of origin - Le texte est reproduit dans sa langue d'origine

Topic/Sujet: Judith Budd news conference
Agency/Agence:   CBC NW
Date-Time/Date-Heure:   21 September 2006 13h30
Reference:  06092106

Amanda: Now just a short time ago, Judith Budd, the mother of Shane Keating, gave a news conference in Saskatoon. Keating was one of four soldiers killed on Monday. Let's listen to what she has to say.

Mickey Keating: This is Shane’s mother Judy, Shane’s sister Megan, Shane’s brother Ken. Judy's going to give a brief statement, and then I will also give a brief statement.

Judith Budd: I want to thank you for coming here this morning. Thank you for the opportunity for us to talk to the Canadian people because that's who Shane was representing. He was representing Canada. He was fighting and working and doing his job as a soldier for Canada, so I appreciate the chance to share some of Shane. He understood and he believed in what he was there for strongly. He was going for a purpose. I believed in his purpose as well. Before he went away this summer, he was here for a while with me, and we talked. We had long talks. And I’d just like to share -- and there will be just about exact quotes of what he said to me. I had actually asked him to explain sort of the political situation from the past because he understood it so well. And he did so in simple terms for me because that's what I needed. And then he said, he said we have to do this, Mom. We have to go there. It's not just us. The world wants us to go there. The Afghan people need us and they want us to be there. If we don't do this, this terror and this atrocities is not going to end. We're making a difference. It's working. It's slow. You can't look at it on a daily basis. It has to be a long term, and we are. I said, you know -- I agree with what we're doing, and I happen to agree with him. But I said, you know, I wouldn't be one to go -- I wouldn't be one to be able to do that. I'd risk my life for my children, but that's as much as I could do. And he said, you know, sure, there's risk, he said. Certainly. He said, look at the bigger picture, and Shane really was -- looked at things from a global perspective, but just -- he said most of us will come home, and he said you can't just look at the individual because most of us will come home, and the ones who don't made a difference, and it's worth it.
He actually said that. He said people have to know. Of course he thought he'd come home. Of course I hoped he'd come home. He knew he went there with all of our support. He knew I agreed with him politically and with what he was doing. I didn't need to for him to go because he was going to go. He made his choices. He was a man. He was doing what he needed to do, but I could support him with that because I did agree with him. He knew that I was so afraid for him. He's been overseas before. It's very difficult. Of course he knew that. But he knew that he had his choices. Everybody has their choices, and he made that choice, and he said, you can't look at just the one. It's worth it, and I think we have to know that, that it's an important thing, and everyone can have their opinions. But it is worth it. And then I have to say nothing, nothing is worth losing a son, but everything, everything is worth a man actually being willing to take that risk and to die for what he believes in. That's what I have to say.

Mickey Keating: Just a few more comments to Judy’s words. Those that loved the world serve it in action. As we know, there's many actions, many past action. Shane Keating was a loving member of our family. He loved the world and chose to serve it as a proud member of the Canadian military. Corporal Shane Keating saw his mission and path in his life as an individual who was to support and assist those who needed it the most. Shane Keating was not a man looking for a cause, but he was a man who would never back down from a cause. The fact that Canada is here to help improve the life of small children in a country many of us only hear about speaks to the determination of Canada as a nation to promote peace and freedom from all types of persecution. Corporal Shane Keating firmly believed in his chosen career and served overseas on many occasions from difficulties from Bosnia to Afghanistan. Our Shane paid the ultimate price. For his willingness to go beyond the safe haven of the Canadian borders in an attempt to help other world citizens. We are certain that Shane would have preferred a longer life and time to share with his family, and he will be dearly missed by our family and other Canadian citizens. Corporal Shane Keating willingly accepted the risks and the dangers of his career. Our family firmly believes that many individuals, like the children of Afghanistan that he was befriending at the time of his death, have a better future because of his cause. Young girls along with young boys now go to school. Reconstruction work is happening. It's time for the Canadian nation to support our sons and daughters in harm's way, to protect, to facilitate, and plant the seed of justice and freedom in the world. Shane would not want Canada and the United Nations to pull soldiers home before the job is done. Our family agrees with Shane. Our hearts also go out to other members -- family members that -- other families that have lost loved ones as well and other injured soldiers.

Question: Judith, I’m wondering, you've touched on this already, do you think Canadian soldiers should come home from Afghanistan? There's a lot about that.

Judith Budd: Because of this?

Question: Or of all the deaths.

Judith Budd: No, no. I think I said that.

Question: How do you feel about, I guess, the debate that's largely growing in Canada about debating whether or not the troops should be out there? Clearly you support it. But how do you feel about this debate that's now brewing?

Judith Budd: Everyone has an opinion, and our family certainly supports the troops in Afghanistan. And wish them to stay. It is not time for Canada to pull. Their soldiers or the United Nations.

Question: Do you feel that Canadians know enough about what soldiers...

Amanda: An emotional news conference coming out of Saskatoon, Judith Budd speaking, the mother of Corporal Shane Keating, one of four soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Judith Budd emphasizing that her son believed in this mission. She was quoting a conversation that her son and her had earlier this year in which her son told her we have to go there, the Afghan people need us. If we don't do this, this terror won't end. We also heard from the uncle, David, as well.

David: On a day when prime ministers and presidents and world leaders are meeting in New York talking about, amongst other things, Afghanistan, we just heard our own Prime Minister talking about Afghanistan, that seems like an honest and literate account of what happens at the most immediate level, and to hear from the mother of a soldier, 30-year-old Shane Keating, you know, his dad was a city police officer. His dad died about ten years ago. Shane clearly looked in to it on his own. The reasons why Canada was in Afghanistan, understood it fully himself. His mother agreed with him. So remarkable to hear when there's been so much debate in the country that Judith Budd and also the uncle Mickey Keating have their own feelings about whether or not Canada should still be there. But I think a good reminder to everyone on a day whether we hear so many politicians talking about what's going on in Afghanistan to see it at such a personal level. It was quite remarkable.


Very well spoken on the part of Judy Keating, and I think its a good look into the thoughts of our boys going over there.  I just hope it gets the air-time it deserves.

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Re: A family's voice
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2006, 16:15:05 »
Thanks for posting that...nice
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