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Re: Nine liner
« Reply #25 on: March 04, 2012, 23:54:37 »
As has been pointed out my experience is Afghanistan-based, however, I have been on exercises and Joint Planning courses with the US before and after my deployment and the thing that often is absent is a sense of realism.  Time, space and risk are often discounted in order to speed the Major Events list along.

As wonderfully skilled as the PJs were in Afghanistan, the one thing that the MIST often provided was whether there was a need for a physician on board or in the case of the Brits it would be a Chinook containing a surgical team.  During the busiest day I had in Afghanistan I was coordinating 7 Med Evacs simultaneously and I can assure without a MIST it was difficult to assign priority for mission assets.  Likewise on the evening of a suicide fuel truck which resulted in 34 casualties finding sufficient transport and prioritizing litter cases was a challenge.

The other thing that changed after I left which expedited evacuations was Comd ISAF instituting a strict adherence to the wonderous Golden Hour (HLS to OR), but that is a discussion for another day.

Thanks for re-igniting this thread, it beats the heck out of thinking about year-end financial reporting and the joys of income tax season.
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