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    Mandatory to live on campus in University?

    From reading some of these posts Im getting the impression you can go to a Civilian Uni only if your in a relationship living with someone. Assuming I pass Basic officer qualification and I get my University acceptence, what I wanted to do was just stay off base getting my degree at a Civi...
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    Mandatory to live on campus in University?

    Well when I get my University acceptance and if I pass Basic Officer training, I would really want to live off campus going to a civy University. Ill be going in 2009. So it's being discouraged in 2009 now? I just want to be a civilian for the next 4 years in more familiar surroundings.
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    Mandatory to live on campus in University?

    Ive been thinking of trying out for the Basic Officer Qualification once I get a University acceptance later in 2009 so I can prove to the Canadian forces Ive been accepted. Id prefer to go to a civilian university. On this web site it says it's mandatory to live on campus in a University for...
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    In a dumb situation... Advice?

    The main question is would she beable to get through university? She seems undisciplined enough in her studies as with all the partying she did. So about this "free ride" through university where you are paid while doing your studies, how much time do you have to spend at BMQ before you start...
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    Do you sign a contract in the Reserve force?

    Hahahaha, very funny guys. I think I should simplify my post. I was not aware that there where so many regulars here. Thats why I repeated all those things. Anyways....back to my Essay I have no time to look Im writing a presentation for my night school class. So if you want to answer and help...
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    Do you sign a contract in the Reserve force?

    Hey Im hoping to join the Canadian Scottish Regiment in Mississauga next summer. My question is, are you aloud to leave the Reserve force whenever you want after you join? I am willing to commit for 1 or 2 years, perhaps even more. I just wanna see how it goes. Would it be ok if I committed for...
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    The Reserve Thread- A Merged Collection of Q & A's

    Hey I plan to join the Army Reserves in December, more specifically December 1st. Currently Im a high school graduate and 19 years old turning 20 on October 14. I turned down going to college and now my ambitions are set on University and Im going to Night School hoping to go into University...