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    World of Warcraft/ Gamers

    LOL  well I was just checking with the new expansion coming out would be fun to do out lands with some military folk :D
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    World of Warcraft/ Gamers

    lol that south park was so funny! nice to see it all on you tube. I added Free masons because that was a hot topic. Yes WoW is time consumming (If you make it). I just thought maybe for fun If intrested LadyBrax 60 human mage -Lightnings Blade Yeahrly 60 troll rogue - Dark Iron Okay maybe...
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    World of Warcraft/ Gamers

    I had a post in sub boards, But I wanted to bump it forward Anyone Playing World of Warcraft want to start a army.ca guild ? If you don't know what world of warcraft is its a MMORPG, There are 5 million plus players.  MMO means massive multiple player on line game. You keep in contact with...
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    Welcome snow

    I woke up this morning with  2 good inches of white fluffy snow.  Juster wondering who else got the first snow fall? Brixxie
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    North Korea (Superthread)

    I would sorta like to know what the point of the testing is , I am so uneducated with this part of warefare. But who has nuclear arms  ,  and who decides who can have them. And why would Kim be testing if not to show agresaggression
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    Myths and legends

    Projectile cabbage rolls , sounds like a fancy high end a la carte meal. Once in passing "Yeah the rumours about the saltpeter must be true" I had to google that one...
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    Decisions, Decisions

    thats cute LOL
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    Myths and legends

    :D A couple years ago this sweet old vet told me a story. It wasn't true because I tried to confirm but still it was cute and believable . I was told That in WWI and WWII uniform buttons were made  of  a resin coated soup broth that could be melted down to make a quick hot meal ...just in...
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    could this happen?

    I was wondering, talking to someone. If you CT'd and were on course could they pull you off to take your old postion back . ie: in a trade program but getting called back to drive Lav's? Just wondering if it could happen Brixxie
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    Pushups- Try Reading Here First- Merged Thread

    **update passed Thursday with 16 I don't know if they will make me retest when I get sent to basic ,but I guess I will find out still waiting for medical file to circulate through the paper chain.
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    New PT Test Requirements...Whining

    Your right now what?.....
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    New PT Test Requirements...Whining

    I dropped this yesterday , because my point was lost completely and it was just getting stupid.  I'm going to keep at it and retest cool. I know its important. I know fitness is important I know fitness is important I KNOW FITNESS is important. I just thought with all the extra money going into...
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    New PT Test Requirements...Whining

    i never said I should get in even if I failed ROFL WHAT!?! !>!>!>!>>1 I'm going to retest . And I will pass Ive been working for it . I sucked it up! I want this more then anything right now. I am willing to work for it. Just like every other recruit who has obstacles to get through. I...
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    New PT Test Requirements...Whining

    This thread has lost its integrity. I am the mother of two soldiers children. I have given my self to the CF in more ways then as a soldier. I have stood by my troops since the day we were called into action and before that time.  To many nights I have been with out my husband my friend my...