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    Are we falling behind in Math and Science?

    haha Yes might as well add grammar in there too bud :) (Damn you Mrs. Winship - ha!)
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    3d printed guns? Yikes!

    Thanks for your reply Jarnhamar. 100% agreed but it all starts with a single shot. Like I said, I like the technology overall (Tons of benefits) but I just feel that the same rules / restrictions should apply to 3d printed guns that we usually apply to current firearms. It wouldn't hurt to get a...
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    Are we falling behind in Math and Science?

    According to Forbes, Asian kids (Living in far east Asia) are killing it in Math and Science now. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nickmorrison/2016/11/29/far-east-strengthens-grip-on-math-science-rankings-u-s-students-slip-further-behind/ Does that mean us North Americans are falling behind...
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    3d printed guns? Yikes!

    Okay this seemed fun and innovative but then reality sunk in . . . https://www.forbes.com/sites/frankminiter/2015/05/12/are-blueprints-for-3d-printed-guns-protected-speech/ Apparently, all you need now to create a weapon that fires is one of these 3d print machines. You upload the design of...
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    Six: Navy SEAL Drama Debuts 18 Jan 17 on History

    That's too funny Kat lol Yeah I'm looking forward to this one for sure. I heard in most of these shows, they are now using 3d printed guns.
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    Using the Army to sink ships?

    Lucky for us, the countries we are fighting right now don't even have proper weapons, let alone any ships :)