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    What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

    Fresh off the HeadNovel...
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    Cadet number?

    Raising this topic from the dead: I too once a Cadet and would like to take advantage of the IPC credit. However reading through DAOD chap. 5000, I cannot find anything that states the incentive was carried over. I haven't yet had the time to do a search on the DWAN (and likely I won't be able...
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    What Happens if you miss the call for employment?

    Sometimes it just shows up as 'Canadian Forces' sometimes it'll be "CFRC <city here>" Just match the ph# to the one on the internet.
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    World War 3, If It Comes, Will Reserve Units Be Involved?

    If WW3 happens, the super secret black ops unit JTF-69 (the stealth scuba tomahawk warfighter squadron so secret even JTF-2 through 68 don't know we exist) promised me a spot as a Machete CQC Technician. That was even before they swore me into the reserves.
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    What if the position I want isn't open?

    You're never guaranteed a transfer and they can take years to process. Join a trade you can see yourself doing for potentially the rest of your life. There's a reason there's a space for 3 choices.
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    Voluntary Release (VR) from Reserve - anytime [Merged]

    I dare you to go up to an instructor and say "I have more experience than you do." I will give you a whole month of my salary.
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    Pot-smoking Mountie can't smoke in uniform, RCMP says

    Disregard my post above. The "medical marijuana shall be vapourized not smoked" policy is an Alberta Health Services policy only.
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    Pot-smoking Mountie can't smoke in uniform, RCMP says

    I will try and find the document but I read something stating that the consumption of Medical Marijuana is only considered legal and effective if vapourized, not smoked.
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    Got the call for DEO Pilot but may have to turn it down and wait for next round

    Between now and April, you probably won't even be entitled to move her with you anyway.
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    benefits Application

    Excellent thank you My other question is, where do I take the form to be submitted? The OR? Or do I just mail it to the Ottawa office?
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    benefits Application

    I am filling out an application for the Public Service HCP, it has a block which indicates "PRI." Is my PRI the same as my S/N or do I have to track down my pay stub to find it? Cheers
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    Ballistic Glasses

    I forgot my "Experiences May Vary" disclaimer. Sorry. I had the prescription done, papers filled, and had confirmation that the order was complete and it took over a little over 7 months to receive them. Then again, I am a reservist.
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    Ballistic Glasses

    Which will never arrive until well after BMQ, BMQ-L...
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    New West Recruiting center?

    I found that CFRC New Westminster is the most difficult to get through to by phone or email. Understandable though when they service the majority of BC.
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    Questions about joining the Reserves

    You must be 17 with parental consent unless you're applying to an Educational Program (ROTP at RMC for example) or a full-time student.