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    Air Ops Collar Dogs

    Thanks for the info! :)
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    Air Ops Collar Dogs

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this has been answered already, but I don't seem to be able to find any information on collar dogs for Air Ops trades, particularly AEC. I see (here: http://www.joedrouin.com/af-air_ops.htm) that collar dogs are available for air ops, but I do not recall ever seeing...
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    Switching Majors

    When I looked into switching my major during 1st year Civi U, I had to have approval from my SEM. AFAIK, your SEM is responsible for ensuring that your degree meets the requirements of your trade. Your SEM will then request an academic plan, as Drag already said. What trade are you, and what...
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    Artillery - Officer and NCM

    Somewhat off-topic here, but haven't they merged IAP/BOTP now into one, shorter, course? When I did IAP/BOTP as ROTP, it equaled out to 17 weeks, but that's due to the double indoc (week 0) and two 'grad' weeks. While I was on BOTP this past summer, my course was the 2nd to last actual BOTP. All...
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    And the waiting game begins!!!!!

    There's no 'set' amount of waiting time. It will depend on the Recruiting Center and how long it takes them to process your application. Prepare to 'hurry up and wait' as it goes. There are lots of posts in the forums about it already, but prepare for a few month wait.
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    And the waiting game begins!!!!!

    Congratulations! Prepare for a ..fun.. time at the Mega!
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    How many waiting for AEC?

    I'm AEC; still in university... done IAP/BOTP, but I have a couple years left of school.  :-[