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    Basic Up

    Haha I liked the "Don't you dare fall on me, if you fall on me I'm going to be pissed"
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    JANUARY BMQ ALL Locations

    Just got the call, start BMQ out in borden on the 19th for Combat Engineer. Anyone else for start up?
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    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    I'm just going into training soon and was just reading some stuff and stumbled upon this thread. BDS great info, really.. Always great to hear what's really going on over there.  This is making the wait 10x harder!! Can't wait to be out there! Keep on posting guys, this thread is great and...
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    JANUARY BMQ ALL Locations

    Sudbury eh! That's where I'm from, moved to London last summer :P ___________ I'm still waiting on when theyre giving me my day. I'm hoping for Jan 5ft, pretty sure im out in St-Jean. :)