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    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    Hello, I need to know how many questions per section are there in the test ? They provide an example of a test. They tell that there wil be "MORE" questions. I want to know the exact number or at least the average and or maximum number of questions per section. Thank you very much
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    Failing rate for pilots/taux d'échecs pour les pilotes

    thank you guys for replying ..this helps a lot.. Another question... is there a problem with lasik eye surgery... I did it in the lasik MD clinics.. It is mentioned that 'some' refractive corrections are correct , and so are eye glasses.. is it ok for the lasik surgery to be a pilot ?
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    Failing rate for pilots/taux d'échecs pour les pilotes

    bonjour/hello, French version will follow I have just called the recruiting center in Quebec as I consider a career as a pilot. The recruiter told me that the failing rate is very high and that I should always have a B plan. Could someone told us what is the drop rate, 30%...50%?and why it is...