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    Ebola: outbreak, Canadian/other response (merged)

    Think about their poor goats though and what would become of them. :-\
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    I wanted to join the Reserves in Toronto: how hard is it to get in?

    Greetings all allow me to interject. Canucksnation to answer your question I'd advise you take the previous answers given above to solve your question. Research all the regiments, give them a google and lookup their parade nights and recruiting email address and/or telephone number(s). Drop in...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Allow me gentlemen and ladies who are present to throw in my quick story. I have been waiting 2 years officially to get into the forces (Infantry Reserve) and have had no news nor will there be any this year due to budgeting and recruit intake spots in my region. Not even my testing has begun...
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    Reserve BMQ vs Reg Force BMQ

    Hello Badner. As far as my knowledge has it PRes BMQ's are held to the same standard just as any other Regular Force BMQ course. All the course material and training is the same but with the Reserves there is the possibility of having your BMQ courses on the weekend. It all depends on that...
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    Second World War soldier reunited with helmet after 70 years

    What a great story to read! Even through all those years this veteran remembered his number, just goes to show the kindness of others. Not to mention an awesome conversation starter now proudly hoisted on his wall. :)
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    How often can I work as a reservist ?

    Might I ask what Reserve Force regiment you're being sworn into? And is it part of a High school Co-op?
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    It seems to be taking too long..

    I can completely agree with what DAA has said earlier on this subject lads. Take myself for example. It's almost been a year since I've applied for the Army Reserves - Infantry "officially". Still no spots are open and I just keep on waiting. That's the way it just is unfortunately. However the...
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    DND asks soldiers to share stories of mental health issues, care in videos

    The following link is provided by CTV Canada AM programming. I'm glad to see Chris Dupee the founder of Military Minds talking with them again and spreading the word. For those who don't know Military Minds is, it is an association that targets to outreach current and previous military members...
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    DND asks soldiers to share stories of mental health issues, care in videos

    Link: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/dnd-asks-soldiers-to-share-stories-of-mental-health-issues-care-in-videos-1.1652275 Could this just be another PR stunt by the DND? So far does it seem like just another crowd pleaser to the public? You decide. Please read and comment if you wish to do so...
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -

    Is that even proper English? ??? Do not try reading the first post, you will go full retard. Never go full retard....
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    The survey is out to name the new Halifax Ferry

    Well the final vote has finally been made and I am most happy and proud to report that the new Halifax ferry title will be named after Mcpl.Stannix of the PLFu's. I can't be more pleased with the city and citizens decision on the name. Now his name will not only be a memorial but a testament of...
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    To be Applicant! Also, New To the Forum

    If you are interested in the Reserves be prepared to wait at least (if you're lucky) a year to start testing and get in. Each application process in terms of time is different, it can range from 4 months to 2 years almost. It all depends of availability of regiment spots. However seeing that you...
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    Reserve Enrollment PT Test Current and Upcoming

    I spoke to my recruiter about this same situation a month ago. I was told yes you will have to do the FORCE testing, not the EXPRESS. But by all means keep working at it and exceeding the bare minimum standards as well at taking a peek at what the FORCE test requirements are and go above them...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Here's a little life lesson and keyword that you will learn throughout your life and can put to use in your "situation". Today's keyword is.... "Patience". There's an old saying of "hurry up and wait" you will get used to this. If your serious about joining the Forces you will wait it out. If...
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    Question re: PRes start up

    Hard to say Aqua. I've seen some people's application date samples showing their physical and medical's were on the same day, others were on different days. It all depends on what the Recruitment Center has planned I suppose. Good luck and best wishes in your application process!