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  1. T

    Combat Engineer to Medical Officer

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have some questions about joining in the near future and how I can fully make the most of the CAF with my goals. I want to be a medical officer, I’m receiving post secondary education in the sciences in hopes of successfully attending...
  2. R

    File closed due to medical fitness

    Hey! So I'll try to keep this short. I applied to join the infantry in December of 2022. I did really well on my CFAT and did my medical exam. I received a letter about a month ago stating that I was deemed medically unfit because I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder a couple years...
  3. M

    Signaller Questions

    Hello! I'm in the process of being enrolled next month and enrolling as a signaller. I understand the duties it entails but I'm curious as to more information. I originally considered the infantry trade (it was what I wanted to do most growing up), but switched to signaller as I was told I...
  4. R

    JTF2 Officer?

    Can officers become JTF2 Assaulters?
  5. nahtE2004

    Cap Badge

    Hi! My grandmother had this old photo of someone wearing a military uniform and they had Canadian cap badge, however I could not find one the same online. I believe it is circa 1900. If anyone could identify what branch he belonged to that would be great :) Many thanks
  6. C

    A confusing scenario

    As the title states! I’m being a little vague, but as for the context: I was offered a position, but then this position wasn’t actually available. My Recruiter opted to ask to waive my score to join a different trade that the unit has need for (not just reattempt the CFAT) I am not going for...
  7. A

    MPO degree requirements

    Hello everyone, I’m a brand new member and I just had a question regarding the degree requirements to become a military police officer. I can see that on forces.ca many officers have degree requirements, however I do not see any requirements for MPO’s. Does this mean that any university degree...
  8. questions1234

    Is Reserve Military Police Officer (montreal area) worth it/what's job like?

    Hello, I have a psych degree, a police foundations degree and few other assorted certifications. I am looking to join military reserves in montreal area and am wondering what trade would be best, i have a friend who is in reserves and told me recruiters lie and to post here for additional...