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10 things you can learn from an NFL coaching search


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10 things you can learn from an NFL coaching search

There have been 8 NFL coaches fired since the close of the NFL regular season. Yes, you rarely want to see anyone terminated from their job but don't feel too sorry for these guys. The NFL operates differently from most professions.

1. No job is safe: You can be performing relatively well at your current position and still be shown the door. (See Andy Reid)

2. Use your network: You must leverage your ties and position yourself to move forward and identify suitable or better opportunities elsewhere. (See Norv Turner)

3. An interview is just that: Long or even multiple interviews do not guarantee that you have landed the job or that there is serious interest in you as a candidate. (See Brian Billick)

4. Stay prepared: You have to take advantage of an opportunity to present your qualifications and that opportunity may come when you least Authentic nfl jerseys expect it. (See Mike Tomlin)

5. Lack of experienceno problem: If there is perceived value in your skill set you can be considered an "A candidate" without actual experience. (See Brian Kelly)

6. Always consider relocation: It is possible that another city or market is a better fit for your career plans and aspirations. (See Jon Gruden)

7. Strike when you're hot: When the market covets your skill set and views you as a hot commodity it is best to use that and explore your options to increase your financial standing. (See Chip Kelly)

8. Change is inevitable: even if you Authentic jerseys from china are new at the position there is no guaranteed timeline. Your position can be eliminated at any given time. (See Mike Mularkey)

9. Prior performance isn't everything: You can have marginal success and still be considered to be a less than viable option. (See Lovie Smith)

10. Prior success doesn't buy patience: You can have commendable prior accomplishments and still be seen as a liability. Prove your worth at all times. (See Ken Whisenhunt)

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