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2019 Canadian Armed Forces Health Survey


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Who are the Canadian Armed Forces?

The CAF comprise the Regular Force (74%), which includes full-time members, and the Reserve Force (26%), whose members are largely part time. Reserve Force members tend to be younger, with a median age of 32, compared with Regular Force members, with a median age of 36.

The majority of members are part of the land service element (57%), followed by air (27%) and sea (16%). Overall, one in seven CAF members (15%) are women.

About two-thirds of members are satisfied with their job

About two-thirds of CAF members (65%) stated that, in the past 12 months, they were satisfied or very satisfied with their job or main activity in the forces. Those in the Reserve Force (72%) were more likely to be satisfied or very satisfied than those in the Regular Force (62%).

The majority of CAF members have been deployed

Overall, 65% of CAF members had been deployed domestically or internationally. This proportion was higher among men (68%) than women (52%).

Deployment was highest (71%) among Regular Force members. Just under half of the Reserve Force (48%) had ever deployed. CAF members serving in the sea element were more likely to have deployed (72%) than those in the air (66%) or land (63%) elements. Among members who had ever deployed, 84% had done so outside of North America in support of a CAF operation or humanitarian mission.

Over half of CAF members allot work time for personal physical activity

The CAF are committed to maintaining high levels of operational effectiveness and readiness, part of which includes being physically fit to perform military, defence and security duties.

All Regular Force and Reserve Force members are expected to participate in physical fitness training and are provided opportunities to conduct these activities during normal working hours when circumstances permit.

More than half of CAF members were allotted time for physical activity during working hours, outside of mandatory group physical activity. Women, Regular Force members, those serving in the air service element, and Senior Non-Commissioned Members were most likely to report being given designated work time for physical activity and having used it.

Those who use work time allotted for physical activity are most likely to meet physical activity guidelines

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week. CAF members who used work time for physical activity (77%) were more likely to have met or exceeded these guidelines than those who did not (63%), or those who were not given designated work time for physical activity (70%).