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2020 In Service Selection Commissioning Competitions (CFRP, UTPNCM, SCP, CEOTP)

Mirin said:
From https://old.reddit.com/r/CanadianForces/comments/gd6f8y/weekly_recruiting_thread_ask_here_about_the/fpm1hfn/?context=3

Thank you for this! I find it so difficult to find any information on that site. I really hope it's true.
i Am anxiously waiting this as well. Although I applied ceotp and utp ACSO, I believe a lot of pilots may have put acso as a third choice. My thinking is they may have been given pilot offers and therefore be removed from the ACSO utp/Ceotp competition list, ultimately improving my abysmal odds !!!!  Hoping they send out more offers soon!

What I am not sure about is if you apply for both programs ( utp and ceotp ) and your competitive enough for one but not the other due to competition numbers, how they work that. Would they just give you whichever you qualified for ? Do they have to send utp offers before ceotp to alleviate this? I know it’s hard to describe what I’m talking about but I’m sure the majority of us kind of get what I’m trying to say lol.
Until we get a rejection letter keep hope alive everyone !
Mirin said:
From https://old.reddit.com/r/CanadianForces/comments/gd6f8y/weekly_recruiting_thread_ask_here_about_the/fpm1hfn/?context=3

But is it for CEOTP internal or external?
No clue.  I would think they happen within close proximity.
Starting to think they only send out offers on first days of the week. Seems as though we get a bunch of movement and noise about selections Monday Tuesday and then silence for the remainder of the week!
FYI, I tried calling a couple different numbers that work in the BPSO building, with no answer.

I'm going back to work Monday, and New Brunswick just lifted more restrictions, so hopefully I'll be able to get ahold of someone in the BPSO office, if they too are returning to work.

I'll let you know.
Nothing here.

I was sent a personal message from someone who recieved a CEOTP offer last year and they said they recall UTPNCM offers going out first, followed by CEOTP offers.

I wonder how many CEOTP (Pilot) applicants there were.
Same, Id be happy if there was a list I could find where it shows my number in the competition list and others acceptance/ refusal / if they’ve applied other programs or trades so I could deduce where I stand.

I applied:
I just went back through this thread and it looks like UTPNCM offers started rolling out around 28 April.

The CANFORGEN states that offers will be sent before the end of April and NLT 31 May, at which time non selection messages will be issued. That gives us about another 3 weeks.

Again, good luck everyone. This is stressful. All the practicing math and taking the Aircrew Selection Test and medical testing in Toronto with the travelling... just to sit and wait. Ugh.
Just got a text from my friend of mine that someone who was on his Aircraft Structures QL3's (my sister course) back in 2015/16 just got his UTPNCM Pilot offer.
Congrats to your friends friend ! Any word if he only applied to pilot or anything else as well? Asking for my own numbers !!
Well everyone, I just sent an email to the BPSO (Rank of Major). Let's see how this one goes.

I hope they're friendly.
Good day all,

I just got a reply from the BPSO,

"All I can tell you is that you are on the competition list (pending selection). I do not know what is the final decision with regards to SIP and a lot of selection boards were postponed due to COVID."

Interesting, so sounds like they didn’t sit the selection board for CEOTP yet?
Redforman232 said:
Interesting, so sounds like they didn’t sit the selection board for CEOTP yet?

It's possible! Until we get that official letter, we're still in the game.
The BPSO also said in either case I should look into taking more university courses and to book a self-referral appointment to discuss it in detail, which I did. I currently have one course (microeconomics) amounting to 3 credits.

I just realized I did a welding course with the military at Red River College and it says 3.5 Credit Hours. I wonder if those would count at all towards the 12 credits required UTPNCM.
hitchy_11 said:
Congrats to your friends friend ! Any word if he only applied to pilot or anything else as well? Asking for my own numbers !!

I asked him.

He applied;
CEOTP - Pilot
UTPNCM - Pilot