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25 Aprill 2017: One dead, three injured in Ex RUGGED BEAR accident

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Condolences to family, colleagues and friends of Sgt. Dynerowicz, and hopes for a full and speedy recovery to the injured  :salute:

This from the CF:
Sergeant Robert J. Dynerowicz from the Royal Canadian Dragoons, based at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa (Ontario), has died as a result of his injuries following a vehicle accident while conducting training at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright (Alberta). Three other soldiers were injured. Today’s tragic accident occurred around 10 a.m. (Eastern), while Canadian Army personnel were participating on Exercise RUGGED BEAR.

The three injured soldiers have been taken to hospital for medical treatment. Their medical condition will not be disclosed at this time.

A military police investigation has been initiated; however, no further information is available at this time.
Given the bit in yellow, let's keep a lid on any speculation or insider "knowledge", given how fresh the wounds are right now - thanks in advance.


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My deepest condolences to the family, friends and squadronmates of Sgt. Dynerowicz.
CTVNews.ca Staff
Published Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:04PM EDT 
Last Updated Wednesday, April 26, 2017 11:49AM EDT 

A training accident at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright in eastern Alberta has left one soldier dead and three others injured.

Sgt. Robert J. Dynerowicz from the Royal Canadian Dragoons, based at CFB Petawawa in Ontario, died when a light-armoured vehicle called a LAV III rolled over.

The three injured soldiers have not been identified but have been taken to hospital for medical treatment.

A childhood friend of mine is in that training, not in this LAV though.

Reminder that when you choose this career, anything can happen at the least expected time...

RIP Sergeant
Latest update from CBC indicates this accident happened on one of the MSRs in the training area.
A soldier killed in a training accident this week at CFB Wainwright, Alta., was the crew chief of an armoured vehicle who served two tours in Afghanistan, his commanding officer says.

Sgt. Robert J. Dynerowicz with the Royal Canadian Dragoons based at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, was killed Tuesday morning. Three other soldiers inside the LAV-3, including the driver, were injured. Two of them are now back with their units and the third remains in hospital. All were from CFB Petawawa.

Col. Conrad Mialkowski, commander of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, said the sergeant was riding in the turret of the LAV-3 at the time of the accident. The vehicle was on a much-travelled gravel road on the base when the fatal incident occurred.

The team in the LAV-3 had just finished training at a series of ranges, Mialkowski said.

"It was not a tactical movement," he said. "[The crew] was travelling on the road, white lights, normal driving as you would see on a civilian highway. At this time, we don't fully understand what occurred."

The National Investigation Service, a separate unit of the Canadian Armed Forces, has taken over the investigation, Mialkowski said.

That investigation will, in part, look into weather, visibility and road conditions, the mechanical condition of the LAV-3 and the level of the crew's training, the colonel said.

It was snowing at the time of the accident and the road was muddy and slick, he said.

"This is a hard time for those of us in uniform," Mialkowski said. "But even harder for those within his family."

The brigade held a short "field memorial" for Dynerowicz at the base on Wednesday.

Dynerowicz, known to friends as "Dino," joined the Armed forces in 2005 and served two tours in Khandahar, Afghanistan, in 2007 and in 2010, Mialkowski said.


Statistics collated by the Canadian army in June 2014 showed that five soldiers had died and 51 had been injured in rollovers involving LAV-3s since were introduced in 1999.
Asked about the record of the LAV-3, Mialkowski said he is confident the vehicles are safe.

The colonel said he personally drove the same model for eight months during a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
"It is a very reliable vehicle, and it's been the workhorse of our army for close to two decades."

This week's single-vehicle accident happened during training involving 3,000 soldiers as part of the army's Road to High Readiness program. The training program began in early April and will continue through the month of May and perhaps into June.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said in a statement earlier Wednesday that all of Canada mourns the soldier's death.

"I was extremely saddened to learn of the loss of Sgt. Robert J. Dynerowicz as part of his training during Exercise Rugged Bear," Sajjan said.

"When a member of the Canadian Armed Forces family passes away while preparing to defend Canada, the whole country mourns.

"I offer my sincerest sympathies to his family and friends at this difficult time and will ensure the institution's support in their time of need."

This is the fifth reported death at the Wainwright training base since 2005.