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70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor


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Excellent article with lots of photos with map and comments

"The 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack which brought the U.S. into World War Two will take place today - at the exact moment the bombing began.
A large ceremony to remember the 2,390 Americans killed in the devastating attack by Japan will take place at 8am Hawaii time."

Finally laid to rest with his comrades: Ashes of Pearl Harbor survivor interred on 70th anniversary of 'day of infamy'
Wil Longbottom, 07 Dec

*Ceremony to commemorate 2,390 killed in 1941 attack will take place at 8am Hawaii time (6pm GMT)

*One hundred of around 2,700 survivors of attack will attend 70th anniversary memorial

*Pearl Harbor assault shocked America and brought it into World War Two

*Day after Japan launched bombing raid, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war, describing it as a 'date which will live in infamy'

*Only two of the 12 ships sunk or beached remain in the harbor today

*Five veterans will be laid to rest in their old ships or their ashes scattered in the harbor during anniversary ceremonies


May they rest in peace  :salute:

To add to this, I found this article:  Pearl Harbor vets return to ships after death

Lee Soucy, who lived to be 90 after surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor, is finally back with his shipmates 70 years later.

Soucy died just last year. On Tuesday, seven decades after dozens of fellow sailors were killed when the Utah sank on Dec. 7, 1941, Navy divers took a small urn containing his ashes and put it in a porthole of the ship.

The ceremony is one of five memorials being held this week for service members who lived through the assault and want their remains placed in Pearl Harbor, out of pride and affinity for those they left behind.

“They want to return and be with the shipmates that they lost during the attack,” said Jim Taylor, a retired sailor who coordinates the ceremonies.

The memorials are happening the same week the country observes the 70th anniversary of the aerial bombing that killed 2,390 Americans and brought the United States into World War II. A larger ceremony to remember all those who perished was to be held today just before 8 a.m. Hawaii time — the same moment the attack began.

Most of the 12 ships that sank or were beached that day were removed from the harbor, their hulls salvaged for scrap. Just the Utah and the Arizona still lie in the dark blue waters. Only survivors of those vessels may return in death to their ships.

The cremated remains of Vernon Olsen, who served aboard the Arizona, will be interred on his ship during a sunset ceremony today. The ashes of three other survivors are being scattered in the harbor.

More at link

IMHO, requesting to have their remains placed with their fallen comrades demonstrates great loyalty on the part of these vets.  :salute:
It took a few reads to realize that the picture was from 1941. .

Right. Those are temporary wartime graves and markers.

After the war, NOK would be asked to make their final "Decision".