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A few quick questions


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I am currently planning to graduate highschool a semester early(therefore graduating in january, rather than june). My first question, Is it possible to change your level of education DURING the recruiting process? The trades I am interested in all require Grade 10. My second question, if the above is possible, when would a good time to start the recruiting process, if i want to get hired as soon after january as possible?
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What type of education change are you referring to? I would (if I was you) probably start the application process a.s.a.p Seeing how some people have been waiting years to get in. What job were you interested in doing in the military?
You want to change your education level from completed grade 10 to completed high school during the application process, is that what you mean? If so then I would believe it possible, just make sure you let the recruiting staff know your intentions and get their input. Also, regarding when to start your application, the sooner the better. The new fiscal year begins April 1 and many people have been waiting a very long time to get in.
Yes. I know this for sure as I applied prior to getting my diploma. As long as you meet the 10th grade prerequisite, apply. When you receive your diploma, bring I into your 4
RC and they will photocopy it an place it in your file.

Just call your file manager if you have one and let them know of the changes. and as it gos for when the best time to apply is would be asap. April is when the new jobs come out for the next season and around then gets it kinda busy for the recruiting center, so if you get your application in before that you may be able to bypass the rush.