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Air battle managers support Exercise Antler South


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Never heard of Air Battle Manager in the Canadian context before.  Is that the new term for Air Weapons Controller?

Flying at speeds often exceeding 800 km/h and with limited situational awareness, fighter pilots rely on air battle managers (ABMs) to guide them in accomplishing their mission. With access to extensive radar arrays, modern command and control systems, and a multitude of radios, ABMs are essential in ensuring that fighter jets are employed effectively and successfully in the defence of Canada and of Canada’s interests abroad.

Considered the “third wingman,” an ABM can see a much bigger picture than the pilots in the jets, and so can provide safety and mission-related point-outs critical for mission success. ABMs also provide a link between higher levels of command and the tactical employment of the fighter jets.

Pretty much, "Air Weapons Controller" was replaced with "Air Battle Manager" fairly recently. Expect to see ABM used in the future. I have seen more regular articles about them too, go figure AEC needs to recruit more people.