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Air Weapons System Technician (AWS TECH)

Quote from: hotbarrelunload on March 20, 2015, 10:32:30
I hate to burst bubbles but ACS is taking over chaff and flares as well as the SAR packages.
I'm in Trenton right now and posted to 424.
If your AWS chances are your going to fighters.
That being said, my buddies that have been posted to CL seem to love it.
The high price of housing is a bit of a sting, but the cost of everything else more than makes up for it.
Also, there are more than a few guys here trying to get posted to CL!!!

Source? Because that is not what I am hearing.

I can confirm this. ACS is slated to take over chaff/flare and carts as well as SAR. If you're AWS expect to go to fighterworld. You are a weapons tech, and you will want to gain experience in fighterworld ops as they are the largest users of munitions in the RCAF. 12/13 of our QL3 went to either Bagotville or Cold Lake. One went to Greenwood due to a family health situation. I'm currently posted to
CFB 'Cool Pool' Cold Lake. I'm in barracks and its pretty decent, rooms are big and fully furnished. You have several barrack options, they are available to see on the DWAN 4 Wing website under the accomodations section. You can opt to go Full/Partial/Off rations. (Partial rations are 41 meals/month) I like the mess food. WAY better quality than Borden, and they switch up the menu so it's never boring. Rent is high, but the PMQ's did get some renovations to update them. Check CFHA for price/pics. Overall I like it here, it is a close community, people help each other out, my car insurance is cheap, no tax on groceries, lots of hunting, fishing, ATVing, ETC. I'm from BC so it's an 1 1/2 hour plane ride home to Vancouver from Edmonton (3 hour drive)

*PS* How is Trenton treating ya Boomer? Hope you are doing great man. Miss ya and your funny stories buddy!
Yes, MH TACCOs are generally door gun qualifed. It has less to do with a tactical need to operate the gun then it does with being able to act as a Firing Point Safety Officer in peacetime shoots and be able to unload/clear gun in case the AESOp is wounded or killed.
Why is ATIS part of C&E and what difference does an ATIS Tech experience versus a hard air trade (AVS), if any?
Because way back in the 1960s, someone decided to unify all the services to save money. Anything to do with communications equipment (except for NavComms) was rolled into the C&E Branch. ATIS guys are typically posted to air bases as thats where all the radar is to fix, but can find themselves in Army units like CFJSR, or doing base-side helpdesk support for IS/IT networks.
Any AWS Techs around that OT'd from the Combat Engineers? Have a couple questions if I can find someone that can answer. TIA

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mrjasonc said:
Any AWS Techs around that OT'd from the Combat Engineers? Have a couple questions if I can find someone that can answer. TIA

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I OT'd from the army but not the engineers. Send me a pm if you want and I will try to answer your questions.

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Good day,

I'm currently applying for AWS, and I have a few specific questions. I've read the other AWS topic but they are either old, or not specific enough.

Would it be possible for someone to find out when the next QL3 would be for FY 18/19. I wont have to go to St-Jean, due to my prior service and was told that I would get enrolled a few weeks before the course start. I guess they might have me do the common core, beet and element specific course before my QL3...possible? or I'm totally wrong?

I cannot really find any info about what the common core and beet is. Would it be possible for someone with DWAN access to get me a copy of the QSP for each course? (QL3,beet,common core)
I might be wrong but I'm assuming they are unclass.

I'm waiting for my medical file to comeback so I still have a little bit of time ahead of me but I would prefer to be proactive rather than reactive once on course if I need to brush up on specific subjects.

Thank you very much