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They seem to like hideing under beds. So, just look under the bed.

uncle-midget-boyd said:
GHOSTS!?!!?  :o Oh wonderful, now I'm going to have night-terrors tonight.   :boring:

On a slightly lighter note, but still on the subject of ghosts.
Ghostbusters 3 is being released in 2009  ;D

cheungvictor said:
Is there a story about a ghost of something at Alberthead?

Was just at Alberthead for the past 6 weeks... No ghost, but the guys came up with a demon deer theory....scared the heck outta all of them and then they started telling the girls of H-blcoks...Freaked out the BL's to the point where we had hysterical 3weekies.
Anyhow, for your general interest here's the video the guys made of their paranomal activity in H-blocks.