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Alleged PMO obstruction in SNC Lavalin case


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Yes, Assistance ≠ Agrafe.

Tracking it totally as technically separate, but also not naive enough to believe that there wouldn’t be consideration somewhere in the machine to keep this out of a particular timeframe/window. So what this says then, if we take things at innocent face value, is that the RCMP did not have a case to lay charges on August 15th, but they then miraculously had a case to charge SNC some time between August 16th and today, but were bound by federal government policy to postpone charges until after the election.

Same law enforcement organization that out of approx 75 individuals known to have had access to correspondence in the Seaspan-Irving cabinet confidence affair, only found cause to charge VAdm(Ret’d) Mark Norman…so no influence, right? Hmmm.

I have great respect for members of the RCMP who deserve respect, but in no way does that lead me to blindly accept that there aren’t agendas and influences in/towards the Force.

Perhaps I should ask fellow DS to move this single post to another non-PMO thread, so there is no potential for people to see anything inappropriately Machiavellian to today’s charges?