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Ammo can question


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Does anyone know what paint is used on our ammo cans is CARC, or just generic OD rattlecan stuff? Looking to modify one, and I want to ensure I am safe about it, and use  compatible paint.
We shot rattlecan krylon at those things hundreds of times.
That was my plan, really. My main concern is cutting and sanding the original paint. Is it a dust mask outside job, or a full respirator job. One gets done this week, the other waits until I get my respirator home next week.
Ammo cans are likely not painted with CARC paint...

Even if they were, the hazards associated with CARC paint are with the solvents, the major issue being chronic exposure to the vapours from spraying CARC paint without either adequate ventilation, or an appropriate respirator.

The dried paint is not exceptionally hazardous. Take the same precautions you would for sanding/buffing any other normal paint.

Hmm.... good info, thanks. We've been warned it can cook off evil joo joo when being ground and sanded as well. Perhaps it's not so bad after all.
There's a lot of misinformation about carc paint floating around in rumour form... One big one is that carc is short for carcinogenic, it's actually short for chemical agent reactive coating.

There's a lot if other rumours floating around about it too, most come from folks who didn't pay attention when they learned whmis and misunderstood the markings on the cans.

Some of the pigments may be toxic, but this is true of any paint, so dust mask is a good idea, but for any sanding or grinding, of any paint.
Be extra careful with true CARC, it is the agent that is the nasty stuff , so be careful when sanding or welding, there is a CARC replacement made by Gillespie coatings that you can purchase in the US,  this is the colour only, no agent, also there are other colours for older vintage ammo cans ie WW 2 from TM9 Ordnance Products, hope this helps,
regards Frank