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CVC Helmet Harness Issue

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Not sure if this is the proper place. But I have a CVC helmet that is on the verge of breaking. The rear attachment point where the adjustment dial is, the rear straps are held on with a plastic triangle type piece. Over time, and exposed to elements, the plastic is starting to wear bending back and forth and starting to turn white as if it is about to snap off. I've seen it happen to someone else last summer.

I have heard that there is a carbon fiber type "sticker" that is meant to reinforce that part of the harness but was never issued to me, and when I as the RQ of several units, no one knows what I'm talking about.

Does anyone know the NSN for it? Another way that I can reinforce that portion from flexing too much and breaking off? Or an aftermarket harness that I could swap out with?

I hear these helmets are no longer in the system and don't want to turn mine in or have it break if I won't get a replacement. Thanks (working on getting photos to upload)
I suggest contacting the LCMM for the helmet within DSSPM and they will be able to tell you if such a part exists and if it does what the NSN would be. If you look up the CVC helmet in the catalog you will find the name of the LCMM and/or Technical Authority for it.