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Anxiety attacks after forces.


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Just writing more to as a vent.

I'm currently in a Voc Rehab program that for the most part I'm doing very well. Just had one minor thing I couldn't do today on a assignment. A certain physical limitation (arthritis in hands) was preventing me from completing the task and it was a 1 step forward 2 steps back type of thing for well over 30 minutes of a task that should take 5 minutes.

The weight of this task to my overall mark is really insignificant, but it feels so bad to just give up, although I was hitting a wall and knew I would never really complete it. But I started to panic (having so much riding on my program, to secure employment after ). I always knew I had anxiety, and I've been diagnosed with it. But today it hit me particular hard, so much that I had to leave class (last class of the day) because I was starting to lose my cool, and didn't want to blow up. 

If anyone else here have had experience with anxiety attacks after transitioning to civilian life, please give me your thoughts. For me the best course of action I could think of was leave the situation and come home and Isolate. I know Isolation in the end isn't good, and I'm not the type to try to use a limitation as an excuse to people who are grading me.

Anyways that is me and my vent, at least I got a Jays game to watch.