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AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)


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Well, it isn't easy.

Define capability. In most categories, the JSS has more or ones that didn't exist at all on PROTECTEUR (the first one as JSS one is also called PROTECTEUR).

The Bonn magazine standards are not military-grade, the cooling system can't go into tropical waters, its German communication suite can't do what we need it to do in a TG, and it doesn't have CIWS. It can't operate a helicopter within RCN safety standards, nor did it have the ability to store and load torpedos on a helicopter. There is little to no emissions security so red processing is a no-no. Its halyard access is located in a RADHAZ zone and it has no EMS (ITD is very difficult). Its power was European not NA. The engines and generators that it used are no longer built. It's cabling is a European standard, not NA which means cable changes. I could go on for a couple of pages just on requirements that are not even held by the RCN.

And of course, we're getting a ship built by a shipyard that has never done this before, who is designing and building at the same time (its own challenges) due to time constraints in a COVID environment.

What you think we should have bought and what we did buy are not the same thing.

If you want to argue that we bought the wrong thing, or the requirements were written incorrectly then I would likely agree with you. But the requirements were written by the RCN or imposed on us by outside organizations, and JSS is going to deliver on them.
I'm not discounting what you're saying, but if we (RCN and GoC) had pulled their heads out or their asses in the 90's we would be on year 20 of having this thing in the water and operational by now.