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Arma 3 | Canadian Forces Mil-Sim | 7CMBG


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7CMBG has been around since 2007 through ARMA 2 and is now solely an ARMA 3 unit. We are the oldest Canadian Armed Forces MILSIM unit in the ARMA community. Our goal is to build a professional-looking unit with great servers and like-minded people to have fun in an immersive environment. 7CMBG as a MILSIM unit that looks for realism and follows strict ROEs when the mission or campaign calls for them. We pride ourselves on being immersive and realistic in the planning and execution of missions; but allowing our members to operate freely and have a good time while remaining as realistic as possible.

Schedule: Official Operations - Saturdays at 19:00 (7:00 PM EST)

The website is crucial for reading/responding to emails and signing up for events.

Roles: We are comprised of an air detachment and a mechanized infantry regiment.
If you have the aptitude to pass the entry requirements, you can pursue becoming a pilot of everything from CH-146 Griffon Helicopters to the Fixed-Wing CF-18 Hornet.
The infantry path sees you through basic qualifications courses to learn and adopt the methods of the Canadian Army. As an infantryman you will learn the roles of rifleman, light machine gunner, grenadier, tactical combat casualty care, and signaler. As you become proficient in the weapons and tactics of the unit you may progress through the ranks and assume a specialist or leadership position. Our commitment is to help you progress and achieve your goals as you gain experience and personal development through a qualification system.

How to Join: To join the 7CMBG, simply go to our site with the link below, hit 'Join Us!' and fill out an application! A recruiter will then contact you and set up an interview.

Please be aware that all potential applicants must be 18+




Website - https://7cmbg.ca/

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/7cmbgca

Teamspeak - ts3.7cmbg.com

Discord - https://discord.gg/6CvdbEh

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/7CMBG

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