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Assault Troop

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Hey guys,

if anyone has any real information that's up to date regrading the status of Assault Troops for Crewman could you chime in?

I've heard that they no longer exist but with the return of Pioneers I was wondering if CAF has plans on also bringing back the Assault Troops.
I'm currently waiting to be shipped out to BMQ this Sep 2. I know its a long time before I get a chance to even take a course like that. but it be great to hear some up to date news regarding their status.

straight from the forces website

Armoured Soldiers may be offered the opportunity to develop specialized skills through formal courses and on-the-job training, including:

    Unarmed Combat Instructor
    Assault Troop
    Armoured Crew – Reconnaissance

Yes I’m aware. The thing is that the website hasn’t been updated. So when you search armoured assualt troop anywhere else online you find nothing related to armour.