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Australia's largest warship HMAS Adelaide experiences more mechanical problems, months after Tonga deployment


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Yikes. These are 7-year old vessels, and not the first time they had major issues.

HMAS Adelaide was commissioned in 2015 and is one of two Spanish built ‘Landing Helicopter Docks’ operated by the Royal Australian Navy, along with HMAS Canberra, which entered service a year earlier.

The vessels are powered by two 11-megawatt Siemens azimuth propulsion system thrusters with dual propellers mounted on 360-degree steerable pods driven by onboard electric motors.

Industry figures have for years privately questioned the suitability of the azimuth propulsion systems for a large amphibious assault ship, saying the technology was instead designed for cruise liners.

In 2017 the ABC revealed both LHDs were out of service as engineers worked to resolve problems with their propulsion pods, prompting Labor to warn Australia’s two major amphibious ships were unavailable for service during Queensland’s cyclone emergency.

I have a question ?
Does anyone know what experience the Spanish have had with Juan Carlos ?
And does the shipyard offer bog standard propellers as an option ?....Asking for a friend's Navy.
Yikes. These are 7-year old vessels, and not the first time they had major issues.

Warships aren't cruise ships I take it. There fore the stuff needed to make it go fast and steer it etc should be kept as simple as possible....right?
Azipods are shit simple. And they are reliable on cruise liners. I have no idea why they can't be made to work on an amphib. Azipods are used on MCDV's (sort of, its a Z-drive not at true azipod). A drive system doesn't just stop being reliable because you installed it on a different type of ship.