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Average day (or week or month or even a year) as a Combat Engineer


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I Tried searching the forums for this but what does an average day consist of as a Combat Engineer? Iv heard that the average day as infantry can be pretty boring (sweeping floors etc)
After training, life in the regiment field squad goes like this:

- Show up 0730 for parade.
- If PT day (3 days or more a week), then PT for a while, go back to shacks, change. Parade.
- Sit in cage until something to do. (Sweep floor, inspect vehicle, move some stuff around)
- Sit in cage until lunch time.

- If Wednesday then, regimental Parade at 0730, followed by safety talk, then SQ parade. Then sit in cage, possibly till lunch. Random takings tossed in here and there.

- Go to lunch. Return for Parade.
- Sit in cage.
- Normally about 30 minutes before you leave for the day (15:30 - 16:30 - sometimes much later) someone will come with last minute tasking. (Sweep the bay out, clean up some area, check some vehicle going to field)
- Repeat process next day.

Anything else from this involves training course, field prep or cleanup. 

You might be wanting to do something, training, or anything but sit in the cage, but that will be difficult to do. Higher ups want to have people at their finger tips in case something comes up and you are needed for something. Probably a very similar story in most regiments.

Eventually you will reach the rank of MCpl and you will get to sit in the office area away from the No hook ranks.  Spend most of your day in office area I assume. Unless there is training or field prep/cleanup.

I am looking to communicate with current combat engineers. I am currently in the process of applying to the CF and am at the stage of waiting for a phone call for entry. I think I want to be an engineer - I have a 2 year old son, and my wife is currently preggo with what we hope will develop into a healthy January arrival. My second and third choices listed in application are Artillery and Infantry soldiers.

I have watched the videos and read the info about the engineers, but feel the best information possible will be from active engineers. I hope to get some experienced feed back.

What do you like? What do you dislike? Strength required by spouse/family? Time away from home? yaddya yaddya yaddya.
Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
This may be of interest. ( In case you have not yet read it. )

Average Day As A Combat Engineer
Yes, Thank you.

I found that post when I first joined the Forum.
Im more interested in first hand accounts of what life is like beyond the job. Stress on the family, how long are you away from home? If people could do it all over, what would they do differently to make it easier or more fun for the family? Do people wish they went with less danger, more activity, less time away, Is there any suggested preparation a husband or wife can do to be more stable with the stress that is gonna come with the lifestyle?? stuff like that.

Id like to hear good and bad accounts so I could make the best decision possible for my family.
Thank you again!
There is no 100% be-all, end-all account to tell you how it is. Expect to spend a fair amount of time away from home and your family, so ensure you have your sh*t wired tight administratively and your family has contingency and care plans in place. You will be busy day to day, unlike some of the whining in the other thread that was linked to. Some days may seem to drag on where mandatory cleaning and maintenance are required. If you shine, expect to have other avenues open up for specialist trg. By the same token, if all you do is avoid work, hang out and whine, expect those other avenues to pass you by.

With Afghanistan winding down and closing out, expect to spend a fair amount of time going over basic / generic mobility, counter-mobility, survivability and infantry skillsets as a lot of that foundation (minus the inf skills) has eroded since 2002. Basically, that translates to being busy with lots of varying levels of practice. Keep in mind that things can also differ slightly depending which Regiment you are posted to. 2CER and 4ESR pers can find themselves away from home more often for shorter periods as their units are co-located on the same bases as their trg areas, whereas 1CER pers could find themselves away from home for longer periods less often as they usually travel to Wainwright to go to the field. 5eRGC trains locally and away, so it's a bit of a crap shoot with them.  :2c:
Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like to ask anyone who has the experience to answer; What is the daily life as a trained combat engineer, after your bmq, sq, engineer training, etc.
When your posted to your unit and on a base, where do you live? What are the hours like?
I'm really interested in the Engineers, and when I was 17 I was in the reserves and completed my bmq/sq training for infantry. At the time I wasn't sure what I wanted and decided to leave. I'm 23 now and have been working out hard to get back into good shape for the past 3 weeks to guarantee I pass my fitness test.
I might also add I recently lost my job and am juggling the ideas of Combat Engineer, RCMP, or getting my Class 1 and just driving trucks.

Thanks for your time and replies in advance!

  - Stephen
Warrpath117 said:
What is the daily life as a trained combat engineer, after your bmq, sq, engineer training, etc.

Average Day As A Combat Engineer 
Reply #1 and #2.

What is life like as an engineer?
Reply #3.
ou will be busy day to day, unlike some of the whining in the other thread that was linked to. Some days may seem to drag on where mandatory cleaning and maintenance are required. If you shine, expect to have other avenues open up for specialist trg. By the same token, if all you do is avoid work, hang out and whine, expect those other avenues to pass you by.

I like how you equate my answer of an 'average day' to 'whining'. Let's be realistic. Yes, if you are good you will get to go on some really neat taskings, training, attach postings, deployments.  I sure did, plus others in my troop got handed some opportunities, but dominantly it does not happen all that frequently. I would even say you have to take the initiative to push for it yourself via talking to the chain of command and submitting memos. I think my answer stands as a pretty 'average day' in a combat engineer regiment, especially when you first arrive. Which is the answer the original poster was looking for.
I apologize if this specific question has been answered.  I've been looking all over for it.  A lot of people come close, but I still don't have a very good understanding of what to expect.

I'm starting BMQ January 5, 2015.  I'm going to be a combat engineer.  From what I've been told training to become a qualified combat engineer goes about 9 months assuming it all flows smoothly and there aren't any delays.  What I'd like to know is how much time does one spend away from home AFTER MOC?  Once I'm a qualified combat engineer how often am I away from home?  If my girlfriend moves out to wherever I'm posted how often will I get to see her?  Generally speaking, how often after MOC are you away for more training?  Is there any kind of average you could give me?

Typically spend a week or two away every month?
Spend a month or so away once every few months?
Usually home at night except when _________ . 

I'm trying to get an understanding how often my girl will be home without me.  I'd really appreciate any information you could share.  I mean, combat engineers have families too don't they? 
Thanks.  I did read that post.  I'm not as concerned what my job will be as much as I am concerned with where my job will be.  Is it a regular 9-5 type of job except when away on training?  And if so how often, in general, is one away on training?

I just need to give my girlfriend an idea of how often she can expect to see me vs how often I will be away.  That's basically what this inquiry is all about.
No one can answer that question..............could be lots, could be little.
The politics of the world are out of yours, and hers, control.
As above, nobody will know the answer for you.

I was told, as worst case, to prepare for 4-6 weeks away for every season. That could be all in one shot, or broken into 1 week at a time. Just gotta get through training and see what happens from there!
Thanks a lot guys. That's probably as good an answer as I can get. I appreciate it.
I'm looking for an experienced combat engineer to speak with.  I have a few general questions about the lifestyle of a full-time combat engineer.  I wouldn't take very long - I'm just having a hard time finding the information that I'm looking for, in the forums.  Please contact me via email.


I've been offered a position as a combat engineer.  I've been applying for close to 4 years.  I'm 99% sure I'm going to accept it but the timing is poor and I just need some details about the lifestyle for my significant other's sake.  I would really appreciate your time.
PM me your questions you're not getting the answers to, and I will do my best to answer them.
I'm scheduled for BMQ at the beginning of January.  I'm going to be a full-time Combat Engineer.  My girlfriend is not thrilled about the amount of time I'll be away for training.  My question is, after all the initial training is complete and I am posted somewhere, how often will I typically be away from home?

I'm just trying to get a general idea so that I can give my girlfriend some piece of mind.  I really want it to work with her but I don't want to make any promises I can't keep.  Right now I don't have any clue as to how often I will have to go away for training and things like that?  I know I will eventually have to go away on deployment but between completing my MOC training and then, how often could I expect to be home?