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Average soldier’s net worth at 45 years old and up

You also have to factor in peace of mind; what is not having to worry about another loss worth to you?
Quirky just using online rent vs buying calculators, from what you just stated... The scenario I was able to figure out, was that you would need to be there for 30 years to make it worth while.

But that's PMQ vs buying, average rents in the area could skew that and you may have a solid rental after 5-7 years making you money.


Ps best to talk go a proper advisor.
dapaterson said:
Most CAF members have no understanding of their most valuable asset: their pension.  A 45 year old Captain with 15 years in would have a pension with a net present value of around half a million dollars.

Make it a LCol with 25 years, and you're probably over $1.25M in pension value.

Hit the nail on the head.  This is even true for the lowly NCMs... even more so, if you consider some of the parallel Civvie trades.