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Barrie residents head home as bomb sweep ends


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This is wild. . .

Barrie residents head home as bomb sweep ends

Police in Barrie, Ont., have completed their sweep of a home where more than 80 explosive devices were found, allowing neighbours to return to their residences after a weeklong evacuation.

The explosives, as well as several weapons, were found following the arrest of two men in connection with a cold-case homicide.

"The evacuees of the area in and around 30 Virgilwood Cr. have been very kind, supportive and patient to all the officers involved, which was appreciated during this long complex situation," police said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

Police said the home and neighbourhood are now safe, and thanked EMS, fire crews, Red Cross and the city for their help during the search of the home.

As of Thursday morning, police had uncovered an assortment of chemicals, 83 improvised explosive devices — some wired for remote detonation — and 29 firearms.

The search of the home turned up this device, among many others. (Barrie Police Service)On Wednesday, police released photographs of a bunker in the home. They show a small space crammed with electronic equipment and various items packed in plastic bags hanging on the walls.

The City of Barrie approved a permit in 1984 to the owner of the home for a fallout shelter, which police said has been divided into two rooms.

The explosive devices and weapons were uncovered after police executed a search warrant at the home last Thursday.

They found explosive devices tucked away in hidden places, while others were left out in the open. Among the weapons found in the house were three rifles and two shotguns, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The search was ordered after a 54-year-old resident at the home, Donald Feldhoff, turned himself in to police on Wednesday in connection with the 1978 death of 26-year-old Michael Traynor.

Feldhoff has since been charged with first-degree murder.

His father, William Feldhoff, 75, owns the home and was charged as an accessory after the fact. He made a brief video appearance in court Thursday morning.

He is scheduled to appear again in court on July 27.

Police will hold a news conference about the sweep of the home on Friday morning.
Reminds me of an episode of CSI where they investigate a murder which leads the investigators to a home full of IEDS and other explosives. In that episode the EOD find some unstable explosive and order the house evacuated in the middle of the investigation and minutes later the whole place goes KABOOM! Same thing could have happened here.
I'm glad that the majority of the comments I heard on the news and radio from the local residents was that although they were not happy to be ousted from their homes, they were glad the Barrie Police were taking their time and being cautious to make sure everything was done right.

Glad it ended with no casualties or destruction.