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As a born and bread canuck and as a tankie that i am proud to report that this letter has rocked the Land Warfare School in Warminster. I firmly believe as this letter "does the rounds" the people (top brass) will actually take note of 2 things. firstly, if a set of orders is going as planned then something has gone drastically wrong, and secondly the resilience of the author and the remainder of his coy.  Black humour is the mainstay of the squaddie and I'll bet a pinch of sh*t to a pound of salt that the author in keeping in good taste omitted, and only will recant them in his quieter moments. Sir, I salute you

Fear Naught
An impressive peice, thanks for posting it. I will be forwarding this to everyone I know. I wonder why the MSM is not reporting these stories?  :mad:

Thanks to all those serving. It makes me proud to be a Canadian.
I've never been more awed, impressed or humbled.  This should be on the front page of every Canadian newpaper. :salute: :cdn:
Wow, definately worth the read. Really helps civvies like me to get a good perspective, from the soldiers pont of view. Quick question though, is it a bad thing if this makes me want to join the army even more? Because it makes me intensely proud.
No.  It opens your eyes as to what we do.  I just hope you don't have a romantic feeling that some view with combat.
Usually I picture me jumping through a flaming trench, which a damsel in distress draped over my shoulder, C7 in the other hand, shooting variously large hordes of nazi's/zombies/ignorant anti-war activists or any combination of the three.

But no seriously, I've never had a very romantic view of combat, only when I was a little kid (of course). I think seeing my Grandfather in a prosthetic my whole life helped me realize that to be honest. Reading that story though, it makes me proud to the bone for the troops fighting over there. They've got a hell of a job over there, and they are getting it done.
So much for our supposed army of hockey sticks and flannel flak vests, keep it up we're all proud of ya!  :cdn:

:salute:  :cdn:

Definitely makes one reconsider Arty too ;)

Thanks for posting for us non-DND email types.