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Beirut Explosion


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PJ Media has more on this story. It basically repeats the other reports but has more detail.

Hezbollah Denies Weapons Storage at Beirut Explosion Site, Despite New Evidence

BY RICK MORAN AUG 15, 2020 3:05 PM EST

Preliminary investigations by independent observers have found some very disturbing facts that appear to change the narrative on the cause of the massive explosion that damaged or destroyed much of the city of Beirut last Tuesday.

Careful study of video of the blast shot from multiple angles and from multiple sources indicate there was not one but two separate explosions, about 30 seconds apart, and that the second explosion was definitely not from ammonium nitrate.

In addition, the narrative being pushed by Hezbollah and their toadies in the Lebanese government is mostly misinformation. The story told by the terrorists is that the ship originated in Georgia and was bound for Mozambique to drop off a couple of thousand tons of ammonium nitrate. It stopped in Lebanon and was prevented from leaving port for six years because the ship wasn’t seaworthy.

One big problem with that tall tale: the region in Georgia from which the ammonium nitrate was said to have originated has only been exporting it for three years. And there’s more.

For more than a decade, Western authorities have been busting Hezbollah cells in their countries and confiscating thousands of pounds of ammonium nitrate.

Other experts aren’t so sure about the second blast being ammonium nitrate at all. It was apparently a different color from the first blast and might indicate the explosion of rocket fuel. Hezbollah has the largest arsenal of missiles in the world and Lebanese residents have been claiming for years that the terrorists have been storing missiles and their components in the Beirut port.

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It's been some time since the explosion but the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel has done a lengthy analysis of the circumstances that led to the blast.

You can read it here