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BMO/BMOQ offers 2022


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Hello guys
I just wonder, what is the point of extending an offer with a very short notice.
Is it because, they want to justify your true will joining the forces?
To see how serious, how prepared you are?
I declined an offer recently which had only 12 days notice.
In this time and age, it is very normal that people might have pre-arranged commitments, plans etc...
And an offer falls right in the middle of it like a grenade.
Is there really a reasonable excuse for the offers to be made last minute?
Or is it just a planning issue of which we are accustomed to see in most of the governmental institutions.
While I don't have much issue with the 12 days, as I believe its adequate, there are definitely issues within their timeline.

For example I am somewhat baffled at the time they wait from new Fiscal year numbers April 1st to actually sending out offers to BMOQ around July. There's no reason to let top talent come and go waiting, or have them reject without enough heads up all because they wouldn't give out offers to those already in the system in the spring.

Now this relates to all entry fields. I don't know if its lack of staffing, unknown hard constraints, etc, but truthfully I just chalk it up to a typical government run operation lol. Got to learn to accept it and die inside a bit if you're looking to work within it haha.