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BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

misfit said:
Hey great idea Sparkplugs with that list...

I have no idea what to bring! I thought I would find this out during the swearing in. It would be cool to meet up before BMQ starts and have a beer together. I live in Mississauga.

When you swear in they will give you a list of things to bring and not to bring so dont worry. If you guys plan on getting together for drinks then I advise you to do it before basic because we wont see any time off until its over. Maybey if your platoon is doin reeeeaaal good and the platooon Cmd is feeling generous you might merit a weekand off but I wouldnt expect this until like week 7-8...around there.
Cool. We'll try to get together after we're sworn in - but before BMQ starts of course!

What sort of experience do you have CanadianGrunt?
I was 17 at the time and was going Reg force I guess I wasnt ready to start my career and as embarrasing as it was and still is I dropped out at week 7. Dont ever drop out its the shittiest feeling walking around with a big P on your shoulder for everyone to see when not even a week ago you had a 7. So you get to watch your platoon progress while your stuck in a classroom all day shining boots or reading MK. I planed on going back when I grew up a bit more ad traingined a little better for it but i'd have to say P.A.T platoon was so discraceful and it sucks soo much watching all your buddies progress and they look at you like a traitor, a wash out, you feel so pathetic...

So lesson for everyone going to CFLRS dont sign a damn VR or you'll regret it sure shit will seem pretty hard somtimes but thats the way they want it to be so that the can shake out the weak at mind and heart...Anyways I have 7 weeks expirence there which is enough to know quite a bit about BMQ..

Take care

ps: where you all from ?
Good job on getting accepted. St Jean is a nice little place the Mega (cflrs) is huge, you guys will more than likely be posted to the green sector and on a nice floor with tons of stairs to climb (wait till you climb them with your ruck and duffle bag after returning from farnham ;)) finding your way around there is confusing at first you will probaby get lost on the way to the mess a few times but you will learn it pretty quick. As for the dress there, they say no jeans and what not but everyone wears them around just don't bring any ripped ones.

You will be confined to base for the first 4 weeks with probably little or no access to the canex so make sure you bring the essentials with you, they will let you go get some small stuff like boot bands, shoe shine kit, locks etc.. but not much stuff, the thing I noticed was alot of people were running out of laundry soap so maybe bring some more of that if you have the room. Also those mr. clean magic erasers are like gold! they take polish right off the floor instantly.. trust me before inspection when you notice a large black mark you have just made they will be worth every penny!

A couple more tips for you guys.. Wear your parade boots!!! to break them in, and polish both pairs with alot of brush shine coats. If you don't you will regret it later on when you have to start spin shining them and they are cracking and flaking all over the place. If you do this right at the beginning it will save you TONS of time later on when you need it more.

Make sure your security checks are good, lock up your locker (both doors!) and your barrack box. Don't be sneaky and try and hide your key somwhere like under your fan or lamp or put your locker combination sticker there. The staff know all these tricks. If you forget to lock your locker you will probably get a counselling, possibly fire picket and worse yet if your weapon is in there you can be recoursed or even charged (1st time usually note to file, 2nd P.O failure, 3rd PRB..recourse)

Last thing, if you need something badly from the canex look for someone with an 'A' for their rank thats a PAT platoon member and they have canex privaledges so you might just be able to work out a deal with them.
Well said I would also like to add, Sow your name on everything you'll have to do this anyways and it gets tedious when you have a crap load of kit (and you will), but if you wait to do it later you wont have time and the instructors will be all over you for it.'

Another thing for cleaning supply's try and find a cloth with static cling like the swiffer ones's they are gold for dust bunnies which seem to be an on going invasion while your there. Also you'll need stuff for blisters like Dr.Sholles or what have you...just wait when your breaking in your combats.
I Cant wait to be done work and leave for BMQ. Going out for drinks would be cool, but I also doubt if we will have time until the end of the course.

And it would be a bad start to be hung over on the first morning ;D

Also I was talking to a bunch of SAR techs at the bar were I work and they said that BMQ is a peice of cake compared to battle school out west!! (for all of us going PPCLI)  :threat:
How many people normally start BMQ on the same day? And how many are normaly in each platoon?
Jhonnyp19 said:
How many people normally start BMQ on the same day? And how many are normaly in each platoon?

2 platoons will be starting with you, An english one and a french one. Usually around 50 people per but sometimes it gets up near 60. You will probably lose a bunch in the first 2 weeks to people that VR (voluntary release) the ones that don't wanna deal with the bullsh*t or can't take being yelled at. We started with 60 and our grad parade consisted of 37.

BMQ isnt a hard course, but it is demanding. You will be very busy and it will always seem like you never have enough time to complete your tasks. You will learn about having a sense of urgency, as well as hurry up and wait! If you can run a bit you will be fine. Ruck marches are not too hard but always push yourself. Your SQ and BIQ (battleschool) will be much more difficult, especially in the physical aspect.

As for drinking. If you are a drinker, don't worry theres plenty of opportunities to go out and have one (or a few). Once you get off your CB (confined to barracks) at week 4, everyone goes out, we went to Montreal and partied on St. Catherines St, I recommend that for anyone who wants to go out for the weekend.. Travelodge on Rene Levesque is a good hotel to stay at.. close to all the bars. If you stay in St-Jean you can goto Beethovens its alright. Or even the Bistro right at the mega.

One tip if you are going out looking to pick up, dont wear your dog tags out tryin to look cool (especially in St. Jean) they have seen thousands before its nothing special to them.
  Yes, for the love of god guys...dog tags inside shirt.  Nobody cares you are in the military. 
Also you might want to check out La Fiesta.....its only a 8 dollar cab from the mega....grab a few buddies and go have some 2$ beers..........yes a bottle for only TWO dollars!!!
  PS--Punkd, I've noticed you've had alot of good advice and been quite helpful here to the other folks....keep up the good work dude.
Steve :cdn:
I am not going on the August 7 BMQ, but the 21st instead. I also do my swearing in on the 2nd at the Toronto Recruiting Centre (just like you ArmyDave).

Though I am going in for NCI-OP, none of those combat trades (as per the recruiting Captain -  ??? - I guess Navy never gets to see combat - or is the Army just biased? ??? ).

I am being sworn in at Missasauga on July 19 and starting my BMQ on the 7th of August as well. Got the call a couple weeks ago.

I will be going in as a reg-force Signal Operator. I wanted to be combat engineer, but my vision was below standard.

So if you see a guy in basic with glasses, probobly me.  ;D
Okay, updated list time!

Misfit - Combat Engineer

Sparkplugs - Aviation Systems Tech

Jhonnyp19 - Infantry

Joe Simpson - Infantry

Cody (CanadianGrunt) - Infantry

SigOpDraco - Signal Operator
Hehe, one big happy army.ca family  ;D

Nice to know we'll suffer as a group!

Sucks I didn't get CE. Wish I could make a name that goes for jimmy that has the same ring as Sapper.


I dunno.
Dosn't have the same kind of....fit. But It's good so I'll use it.

Looks like I'll be one of the younger ones at Missasauga and at BMQ in this group at 18 (though my 19th birthday is at the end of August).

Ah well, nothing new for me. Most of the people I knew well in my previous job were around the same ages.  :warstory:

Just means I'm gonna have to try harder  :p  :salute:
Age doesn't matter dude. We're all the same once we get to St. Jean.
Ok cool...see you there.

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