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Borden PAT/QL3 questions


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Hey guys I'm in my last month of training at bmq. I'm just curious about a few things because I've been getting many different answers. Am I allowed out of base on week days after the work day? Or is it still weekends only? In my quarters am I allowed to have civilian items such as laptop/guitar?
Yes you can have civvy items, but make sure ALL civvy items are locked up and out of sight during the day. There is little to no civvy storage (like at basic) so if it doesn't fit in your locker you may be screwed.

BTW, the guitar may end up annoying the other people in your building...just speaking from experience...

As for going out, yes, evenings are yours usually, but listen to your staff. If they say no one goes to Canex/Tim's/off-base til after XX o'clock, DON'T GO!

QL3 evenings may end up being devoted to homework, depending on your trade.