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CAF serving members and vets peer support: Veteran Well Being Networks list


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NATIONAL LIST OF VETERAN WELL BEING NETWORKS: Below is a list of all the VWBNs across Canada now that most of the country is covered. They're a simple concept; groups of serving CAF members or vets networked into regional groups. Though most are named for army reserve brigades, that's just because of how the first few started and the networks that established them. All are open to all serving CAF members or vets; not just army, not just reservists, not just people who are serving in or have served in the brigades they may be named for. I've seen everything on these nets from suicide interventions to troops hooked up with jobs or housing, offering to help each other move, being there for someone during a family emergency, or even just meeting up for coffee or beers. The networks all talk to each other and are in comms with the majority of veterans' groups/services out there and can rapidly get help for nearly anything that comes up. The utility of the networks is limited only by the creativity of the members, and the strict policy that they remain non-political and loyal to the military chain of command. They have official blessing from senior army leadership and have done amazing work. A lot of situations that are identified elsewhere get quickly referred to the appropriate network who in turn identify and engage local boots on the ground for real concrete help. It's a powerful and effective system. Networks are listed west to east, because no particular reason except I feel like it. Ontario is split in three and I couldn't name every town obviously, but I drew rough borders.

The “so what?” for you? Join the network covering your area, and just keep an eye open for when you might feel you can offer help, or stick up a mitt if you need or could use some. No problem too big, no problem to small, no brother or sister too far away or too long released from service. If I missed any groups or got something wrong, shoot me a flaming turd in my private messages and I'll fix it.

British Columbia:
B.C. Veteran Well-being Network

Alberta and Yellowknife:
41 CBG Veteran's Well Being Group

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Lake Superior region of Ontario:
38 CBG Veteran Support

1 CMBG / 3 Can Div (The army of the West)
3 Can Div Veterans Well Being Network

Ontario: Sault St. Marie – NCR – Cornwall – Rideau – Peterborough:
33 CBG Veteran's Well Being Group

Ontario: Greater Toronto Area - St. Catherines – Aurora – Brampton – Oakville
32 CBG Veteran's Well Being Network

Ontario: Southwestern
31CBG Veteran Well-being Network

Ontario (females only):
4th Canadian Division Female Veterans Wellbeing Network

Pending (cough, cough)

New Brunswick – Nova Scotia – P.E.I. - Newfoundland:
36-37 CBG Veterans's Well Being Network

Yukon – Northwest Territories – Nunavut
Potentially pending if sufficient interest identified

National (mental health specific):
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