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Can I change this?

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One of my friends owns a M14 an automatic version of it. He was he asked me if there was anyway possible to change the weapon to semi-auto, I told him I didn't know but I would look into it. I was wondering if all you gun-loving Canadian soldiers knew if a gunsmith could fix this problem for him.

C/Pte. M. Legare :salute:
Your friend personally and legally owns this weapon?  If so, why would he want to permanently disable the automatic mechanism, since legal automatic weapons are becoming an increasingly rare commodity?
He wants to be able to use it as a hunting rifle because of its large calibre and longer range, and yes it is legal he has had it since the early 1970's.

If this is a legally grandfathered 12(2) [Select Fire] firearm - it cannot be legally altered into a semi-automatic.  Pre-1994 one could chnage the firearm in to a Converted Auto - however in 1994 this was stopped and coverted auto's themselves became Grandfathered Prohibited Firearms 12(3).

Recently (2004) No prohibited (grandfathered) firearms (other than 12(6) Short Barrel Pistols) can be taken anywhere other than sitting collecting dust in your house.

If he wishes to use a M14 variant for hunting - then he is best buying a Springfield Armory M1A -- or Nornico M305
Ok thanks I'll tell him to stop trying to find ways to fix it.
Can he buy one and add a SAGE EBR stock, a pistol grip, and extendable butt, or is this illegal? The american forces use it. But it seems more like an assault rifle, can he get charged for it looking like an assault rifle? It was seen in the latest issue of Petersen's RIFLE SHOOTER magazine.
Yes I know a few friends who have M1A's set up like that...

The requirement for non-restricted semi-auto's is a barrel length over 18.25" (whatever in mm) and of course the 5rd mags  ::)
So if the barrel length is under 18.25" and he gets a 5 round magazine, witch I think he already has, it is legal and he can use it as a hunting rifle?
Well he better have a 5rd mag -- since anything over that has been illegal since 1994...

barrel MUST BE LONGER than 18.25"